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  1. fraz

    05L head use

    Here is a l28 gasket on the head. 35mm holes in the gasket. 29mm in the head. I test ported a piece of the head i cut and there appears to be enough meat in it. It was 5mm on one side and 1mm on the other. Ill get some more photos this week.
  2. fraz

    Building an L28 (NA)

    Just because the leads are new doesn't mean they can't be faulty. An easy one to test by swapping 2 leads around You could also try turning the dizzy around by 60degrees and moving all the leads around 1 hole so that cylinder is on a different post. Will be a quick way to test the cap and rotor for misalignment. Semi-related story, I had an issue with an rb engine that would foul cylinder 5 all the time. Tried everything I could think of. Turns out the fuel pressure regulator was leaking through the diaphragm and the vacuum fitting was opposite cylinder 5 so the fuel was just running in while it was idling.
  3. fraz

    Oil Bypass Question

    What's the easiest way to get it out? I struggled a bit to get the tube out that holds the spring and ball. Got it out in the end and also tapped to 3/8 npt
  4. fraz

    05L head use

    Yes and no I think. Not changing the water jacket would reduce design and tooling cost, but would also increase aluminum cost. But they were being built at a time when designers only concentrated on making things function better. It wasn't until a few years later that the bean counters started putting the emphasis on costing less and less. So your probably right
  5. fraz

    05L head use

    Would say I will have to get new valve seats. Can't remember the measurements. You're in chch? I'm down there a couple of times a year, I can post you a cylinder of pieces if your interested. Somebody told me you had a flow bench too?
  6. fraz

    05L head use

    sorry photos are currently a bit average. i posted them from my phone. Will delete them next week and re-post some better ones. I measured the chamber at around 37cc, which will probably end up being maybe 40 with some bigger valves fitted and some de-shrouding I want to put it on a l28 with +030 flat tops. On the various compression ratio calculators i get around 10.5:1 We have 95 and 98 octane fuel available locally which is equivalent to 91 and 94 US octane. I should be ok for knock with a mild cam right?
  7. fraz

    05L head use

    Cylinder 6 inlet
  8. fraz

    05L head use

    Cylinder 6 exhaust
  9. fraz

    05L head use

    Yip I will put some photos up when I have some more free time.
  10. fraz

    05L head use

    I have a few 05L heads from the l20et that I was hoping to use for an l28. I will cut 1 of them up to see how much material there is in the port walls. Is it worth cutting every port? I put cylinder 6 through the bandsaw this morning and it looks promising.
  11. fraz

    3.4 - 3.5 Liter Engine Build Thread

    My brother in law bored a v57 block to see how far he could go and it would not take 89mm so he kept going and has brazed a sleeve in. Only 1 so far to do a test run. I'll take a photo when I visit in a week. Interested to see your progress with furnace brazing. We have a gas supply and the space to build one if it is a good solution
  12. fraz

    Building an L28 (NA)

    Try disconnecting your alternator completely. It may have a big short in it. If not, disconnect everything wherever you can and measure the battery voltage. Then add things slowly until you get a drain.