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  1. Sorry for the delay. I will pm you and we'll figure out final price with shipping.
  2. Quote

    Is the hood still available?  Very interested.  Would have to ship.


  3. Hi Rich, Just seeing this. I still have the cam. Let me know.
  4. Anyone have a set of 6 titanium valves for an L-28? Let me know.
  5. Did I get back to you on this? I don't think I did. Fender is still available.
  6. Bump - edited to remove rear sway bar which is sold. Reduced price on the Porterfield brakes.
  7. Resurrecting this one and reducing price to $200. I have a stock cam which is in excellent condition - different than the one in the pics above. I used the one in the pics - I sent it to Isky and had it reground. Price is $50 - I can ship directly to your cam regrinder. Let me know if you want pics.
  8. Bump - and status update: Hood #2 is still available $300 Headlight housings (metal left and right) are still available - reduced to $80 each Fender still available $250 - see update pictures with sandblasted lower corner. Sold one hatch and I am holding onto the other one for now (I may need it after all). I have had pretty good luck shipping large items via Greyhound - much cheaper than FedEx or UPS.
  9. Hood #1 is spoken for... Hood #2 is available. Sure, send me a PM.
  10. I have a pending sale on one hood. The other is still available. One hatch sold. Other hatch no longer for sale (for now - I may need it). Headlight housings are still available - price drop $80 each. Fender still available - $250. I will sandblast the bottom where the rust is soon and post pics, then protect with some primer.
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