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  1. Car Shows

    I couldn't agree more. I've taken more crap from Z owners than any other group. If it isn't " A Z31, yucch." to "Why would you screw up a perfectly good Nissan?" At regular shows people are more interested in how the work was done. Don't get me wrong, most purists are like that. As if I were someone who actually gave a s**t.
  2. Will a SBC oil pressure sender give correct readings when used with the gauges from a 240Z? I'm using the combo gauges from a 240 with my Chevy, and I need to decide on an oil pressure sender. Thanks
  3. Winter in the East

    I'm not trying to be a wise a$$ or dis anyone, but as I watch the news on TV every time it snows in the east there is always a story of a huge pile up. I grew up near lake Erie, so I know how much it can snow, so bad road conditions shouldn't be any surprise to anyone who lives there. Now here's my question. Hasn't anyone ever heard of TIRE CHAINS?
  4. I've been reading about the frustration you guys have with parts suppliers for fiberglass parts. Well you should try to find anything for a Z31. I need a one piece fiberglass tilt front end, because the one I built weighs almost 150 lb. and has a tendency to flex where the metal hood meets the urethane front fascia. I have found a local shop who will build one for me for $3000, and even though I understand how much work is involved that seem a little steep. Is it? I really could use any advise because I'm way out of my depth with composits.
  5. Starting to fabricate a rear valance.

    John, I don't need no stinkin' diffusers. I'm going to skirt the entire car then chop a big hole in the center o the floor and duct a huge fan out through the roof. Then everybody can call me 2J. ;=) Actually, I like the look of the back of the C5 Corvette. and the more I mess with this foam, the more I think about measuring the back of someone's Vette. I like the idea of 4 pipes and think it might be cool to run all four back. 2 muffled and two straight through electric cutouts but I have a feeling that wouldn't be the least bit efficient.
  6. Please, someone come by and shoot me. I really need to be put out of my misery. I'll post some pics as soon as the foam starts to take shape. (Maybe later this afternoon.)
  7. Hmm - I wonder if Audi saw my car?

    Hmmm... Iwonder if Astin Martin saw my car. Nah, probably not they went by way to fast.
  8. When I put the small block in my Z31, it made it a lot more powerful, and the tired rear suspension squat a whole lot more. I've since set the engine back about 4" and changed everything in the chassis and suspension. Since then I've only driven it in and out of the garage.
  9. Chaparral2f's instrument panel

    OOPS! Please delete this thread.
  10. I was asked what I did for the speedometer and tachometer so I thought I'd post a couple of pictures. I couldn't use the stock tach with the Chevy because of the Magneto, so I bought an Autometer speedometer and used the memory tachometer that I had with the mag. Here are a couple of pics of what I did: I hope this is helpful
  11. HybridZ car at Rocky auto

    Yeah, I find myself thinking the same way about Gas Monkeys
  12. WTB wiper pivot

    I need the windshield wiper pivot for the right side on a '84 300ZX. My zip code is 97524. This is a pic of the part.
  13. Brake Line fittings question

    Before I posted this, I had spent a week researching these flares. They aren't bubble flares or inverted flares. Here's a picture: I don't even know what to call this style, so it makes it a pain to order.
  14. misc pics

    pics of various parts
  15. What is the difference (if any) between Japanese flares and British flares? I have Jaguar (Girling) brake calipers on my Z31, and am trying to find adapters so I can use -AN hoses. The catalog from Speedway says the adapters will fit Japanese flares. I don't really want to buy fittings that don't seal. Thanks