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  1. WTB koni coilovers or lowering springs

    no one has these for sale?
  2. WTB koni coilovers or lowering springs

  3. WTB koni coilovers or lowering springs

  4. WTB koni coilovers or lowering springs

  5. Hi, I'm currently on the stock suspension for my 72 Z. Car sits real high. Looking to see if anyone has a good koni coilover set or lowering springs, prefer not to buy new. Thanks!
  6. New S30 Shock and Spring Option

  7. New S30 Shock and Spring Option

    Any updates on this? I'm looking at the same kit. Thanks!
  8. Powerforce harmonic damper install??

    Correct $130 not including the shipping which is like $13.65 or something. I didn't check how far it could rev out too but the glue is much better than the original OE rubber. Just spoke to Dale can go to 8000.
  9. Powerforce harmonic damper install??

    I bought mine from Zcardepot, but they took care of me. They said they can fix it or issue a full refund, I took the full refund, I had my original one rebuilt per @Tony D 's referral to Dale manufacturing(http://hbrepair.com/) I should be getting it by this Friday. What's funny is I called MSA first to see how the fitment was and they said they didn't hear of any issues ya ok!
  10. Single-Pulley ZX Harmonic Balancer Options

    Tried to install the powerforce damper(all black) and it did not fit. This was on a '72 Z.
  11. Powerforce harmonic damper install??

    Same here, tried this weekend and the pulley was not going on at all. What a ridiculous waste of time.
  12. Looking for full interior for 72 240z

    Updated list. Looking for the headliner and door panels.
  13. Hi, looking to purchase a full interior(diamond Vinyl, center console smokers tray, door panels, all plastic panels) let me know what you have and the condition. zip is 10472. Thanks!
  14. 72 z distributor way out of range

    Thanks for the link. Any other dampers to look at that is a direct replacement instead of the rebuild?