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  1. Looking for full interior for 72 240z

    Updated list. Looking for the headliner and door panels.
  2. Hi, looking to purchase a full interior(diamond Vinyl, center console smokers tray, door panels, all plastic panels) let me know what you have and the condition. zip is 10472. Thanks!
  3. 72 z distributor way out of range

    Thank you!
  4. 72 z distributor way out of range

    Thanks for the link. Any other dampers to look at that is a direct replacement instead of the rebuild?
  5. 72 z distributor way out of range

    Ok some great progress today. I used a dial gauge(like a piston stop) inserted into cyl 1 spark plug hole to find absolute TDC. This worked great. But even before this I tried looking for the notch and groove on the cam plate and cam gear, no luck maybe I didn't look hard enough. Anyway it was cold so I continued, I got TDC on cyl 1, using the gauge on the compression stroke, the cam lobes were in the V orientation. I looked down on my damper and it was no where near 0 TDC, more like 50 degrees. I knew the issue right away, my damper was twisted at some point. So I used a white ink pen and made a mark to locate the new TDC mark. I also saw my distributor tang was at 12 not 11:25. Went on to the distributor locked it down and tried to start it, had to play with the distributor a little bit and then it ran. I was able to set the distributor where there was no backfiring and the engine revved easily. I then used the timing light which is useless as my damper has incorrect measurements. I noticed the timing was maybe at 10-15 degrees, this is a very rough estimate. As of now i'm done with the timing, I will have to one weekend thoroughly go over the timing. I'll look for the notch and groove, check to see at what pin my cam gear was installed on, check crank to cam timing, drop the oil pump and realign the distributor drive, install a new damper. The next is to tackle the carbs, I readjusted the front float and the car was less rich than before. I tried looking for some clear hoses to check my float levels(thanks Peter for this suggestion and the multiple other suggestion) but couldn't find any. But in the meantime I will buy some plastic tubing and try to make some float level gauges from the bowl drain bolts. This float issue are a real pain in the arse, I'm done trying to bend them this way and that way to get it straight. I know for sure the front carb has more gas in the bowl as compared to the rear per the WD-40 stick per @siteunseen(thanks!) I'm going to buy some new ones and call it a day. My carbs btw are almost synced as I used my uni-syn to check between them so once I fix the float levels and some minor adjustments they should be good to go.
  6. 72 z distributor way out of range

    Ok, I will try this. lol funny you mentioned this. I was actually at Advance auto trying to get a piston stop which they didn't have. I instead will have my job bore out a 240z spark plug and insert a dial indicator, that should give me the absolute TDC and then go from there.
  7. 72 z distributor way out of range

    Yup, D612-53. It was always out of adjustment. No electronics here. I know it's an emission distributor per the FSM.
  8. 72 z distributor way out of range

    ok tdc pics.
  9. 72 z distributor way out of range

    No, randomly took it out for photos.
  10. 72 z distributor way out of range

    The distributor is a D612-53. Didn't see this in the 72 fsm.
  11. 72 z distributor way out of range

    The first pics were of the distributor position when the car was running. Here's some more pics. I just took these and haven't verified if the distributor is the original.
  12. I am having an issue with my distributor's adjustment range it's a 72 Z manual trans. Basically everything is lined up, #1 TDC(verified with lobe face up and to the right), zero on the crank, 11:25 at the shaft, rotor to number 1 but my dist is way out of the range of the lock nut. Someone suggested the distributor could be different, which is a great possibility(not the original owner) but looking at photos online it looks like my pedestal installed is correct and the 74 Z is electronic I believe. attached are some pics. Thank you for your time and happy new year!!
  13. 280zx distributor, carter fuel pump

    Trying to send a PM but it won't go through. Is the dizzy still available? Thanks!
  14. NYC members, need a helping hand in Bronx, NY

    bump bump. Food/Drink/Gas/toll on me =)
  15. 72 hazard/cigg lighter bracket

    Hello everyone, looking for the above bracket. Mines in horrible shape. Thanks!