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  1. No, I think it was precision or vintage rubber. Something like that. I have to check.
  2. I’m having an issue where the door panel is hitting the weatherstripping. Is this common? I am trying to figure out a way to squeeze it so the door panel won’t hit it. Only way I can think of is cutting the weatherstrip where the door panel is hitting it. Thx!
  3. I’m running the triple dcoe cannon intake with a MSA header. The intake manifold and the exhaust header are sharing the same stud along with the same washer. There is a difference of about .2000” between them. I bought stepped washers from zcar depot but they aren’t deep enough. Anyone with the same setup, what did you use that was thick enough to grind down? thanks!
  4. Thanks everyone for the help on this! I just installed the 123 ignition and it runs pretty smooth. Would someone have the initial settings for the map curve? It’s below the centrifugal curve. The car idles at 1300, I’m thinking more tubing is needed on the dcoe’s thinking about this for a second, I’m not running a vacuum hose of the plenum, so I won’t need to set this? Just thinking out loud here.
  5. Just picked up a set of LS-C's. Would anyone know the dimensions for the brackets? I will be using the tracks that came with the seats. Thanks!
  6. bumping this old thread. What return spring setup are you guys using for the main linkage on the triple carbs? Does someone sell a kit that connects from the valve cover to the main linkage? thx
  7. I am having this strange problem. I don't have gas squirting out of the accelerator jets and I can't get the car to run. I took out a few of the check balls but not all of them and sprayed carb cleaner in them. If it's not a clogged get or line could it be something else? float and gas levels look good.
  8. kinda off topic, do you have a pic of the tire and wheel setup. Thx!
  9. Thanks, but unfortunately out of my price range.
  10. Looking to purchase some Rota Grid V's 16x8 and running 225/50/16 RS4's. Do you guys have a recommend source to buy them? Also for the lug nuts is it the typical M12x1.25 Acorn style? Thanks!
  11. Hi Everyone, looking to buy a set of 16x7 or 16x8(if it doesn't require body modification) wheel setup, preferably something similar to Watanabes. I'm in NYC. Thanks
  12. Ok, I can confirm they are new KYB's installed. Vogtland springs here I come!
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