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  1. White exhaust port? (Others black?)

    Last photo has no black soot at all.
  2. I pulled off my exhaust manifold because it was leaking. I noticed that some ports are whitish, some ports are black and one port was super white with no black residue at all. Could an exhaust leak do this? Or do I have serious issues intenally? Btw, I have ran brand new fuel injectors for 5000 miles before pulling the manifold off. Before that, it had old injectors.
  3. 280z, 1997. The only mods to the car is pallnet fuel rail and new injectors, which was done during the summer time, and the clicking doesn't happen unless the weather is cold.
  4. When the engine is running at idle (in the cold weather), sometimes I hear this clicking sound from under the dash. Sometimes it will click very rapidly, which causes my RPMs to drop slowly (while idling) and eventually die. If I press the gas pedal when it's about to die, the clicking stops and engine revs up fine. This rapid clicking issue eventually stops when the engine is warmed up. Also, if I am driving, and let off the gas pedal quick, I can hear the click, but only 1 click. No matter how lightly I have the gas pedal pressed, if I let go of the pedal quick, it goes "click". It sounds like a relay, but not sure. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks
  5. I am looking for a brand new 280z rear hatch emblem, either OEM or reproduction (if they exist).
  6. Bought! Want a 240z rear Cusco strut bar. Please provide photos and offer price shipped to 30096.
  7. Bought! Wanted: 280z low fuel light with harness. Shipped to 30096. Will pay with paypal. Would like to have a photo. Thanks!
  8. WTB: 1977 280z gas tank

    I need a sealed or at least not rusted gas tank. I have a gas tank, but it has may little holes due to rusting. I live in GA. Thanks
  9. Thanks for the reply. 240Z: 853mm 280Z: 836.4mm
  10. Are the 240z's rear top strut mount distant between each other further apart than the 280z's? (or vice versa?) If no one knows, then the key info I would like to have are the measurements from a 240z, measured from center to center of the top strut mounts. Thanks!
  11. 280z transmission tear down

    Sorry for the late response, I didn't get a notification for some reason. I got my parts from an eBay store, so I'm not sure what quality they are actually in. I really hope my synchros don't have a short life span.
  12. 280z transmission tear down

    Thanks for adding the video! I wish I knew about them when I rebuilt my transmission.

    Got my fuel rail in. Very nice! http://toopoor.tumblr.com/post/40964987007 http://toopoor.tumblr.com/post/41245980686
  14. PIC: Megatuning clutch and pressure plate

    Sounds good. I've added the link to the seller's store. Once I get some miles on the clutch, I will add a review, thanks! Thanks, I was on a tight budget, and chose the cheapest kit on eBay (at that time, couple weeks ago). I've always wonder if a cheap clutch is just as good as stock. I guess I'll see once I get the Z up and running.
  15. PIC: Megatuning clutch and pressure plate

    Thanks, I've edited my post to be more specific.