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  1. Found some posts online... 16 x 8.0, 0mm R-type (or replicas), 225/45 https://oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/48031-grants-1970-datsun-240z/&tab=comments#comment-1506855 15 x 8.0, R-Type, 225/50 http://www.retromodmag.com/features/second-chance-1970-datsun-240z
  2. 16x8.5, -6. 205/50. rolled rear fender or else it'll rub on bumps.
  3. Bought! Wanted: 280z low fuel light with harness. Shipped to 30096. Will pay with paypal. Would like to have a photo. Thanks!
  4. Sorry for the late response, I didn't get a notification for some reason. I got my parts from an eBay store, so I'm not sure what quality they are actually in. I really hope my synchros don't have a short life span.
  5. Thanks for adding the video! I wish I knew about them when I rebuilt my transmission.
  6. Countershaft rear bearing damaged (ball bearings fell out). Pulling overdrive counter gear (and what's left of the countershaft rear bearing). Overdrive counter gear removed. Reverse counter gear and spacer removed. Retaining pin removed from reverse/overdrive shift fork (bronze color piece). All 3 fork rods removed. Countershaft front bearing removed. Main drive gear removed. (Countershaft drive gear needs to be removed first. It is still attached in the picture because there was so much play from bad bearings that the main drive gear fell out while pulling the countershaft drive gear out). Countershaft drive gear removed. Baulk rings, synchronizer hub, and coupling sleeve, removed. 3rd main gear removed. Countershaft removed. Speedometer drive gear removed. Pulling overdrive main shaft bearing. Bought 4 brackets (2 for each side), bolts and nuts to extend the arm of the gear/bearing puller tool. Overdrive main shaft bearing and mainshaft nut removed. Washer, roller bearings, and overdrive main gear removed. Overdrive gear bushing, reverse gear, and OD-reverse synchronizer hub removed. Mainshaft removed. Reverse idler gear removed. Reverse idler shaft and bearing retainer removed. Countershaft bearing and mainshaft bearing removed. Mainshaft. (Re-assemble in reverse order) **All terms used are from the service manual pages below:
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