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  1. outdoor car cover

    What outdoor car covers do you use ? I have been using cheep covers that cost about $25.00 and they last 2 years max before falling apart. I see covers advertised with a 4 year warranty for around $300.Am I better off just replacing the cover ,the car is in rough shape waiting it's turn to be rebuilt. Thanks in advance, Tom
  2. I need to ship a car from Austin, Texas to Minneapolis, Minnesota. Can anyone recomend a good company to do buisiness with? Are there companies that you would avoid? Best Regards, Tom
  3. I am deeply sadened by this news. I bought many parts from Ross and found him to be a great guy to do buisiness with. He was always helpfull when I had questions. He will be missed, my condolences to his family. Tom
  4. IMSA rear flares for 240-280

    Hi, crow's76 Who is selling these panels? That sounds like the price of the stock replacement panel these are the flares used in the IMSA racing series. If not I will have to change my asking price if these are now being reproduced. Regards, Tom
  5. I bought these a few years ago and have decided to go with a steel flare instead of these fiberglass 1/4 panels nice and wide. I'd like 350 for the set. Tom 952 939-0062
  6. I'm selling one of my project cars that does not currently run. Car comes with the following parts,extra set of doors,2 additional rear hatches, set of rims, almost new gas tank -tank in car is good. Needs new floors. Car is located in Minnesota, asking 800. for every thing. call Tom 952-939-0062
  7. what is a t-56 selling for these days

    The flywheel has 153 teeth and is centerforce brand. Sumo thanks for the price info. Tom
  8. I am going back to school and will be selling some parts. I have 2 t-56 trannys with flywheel and clutch that are going to be up for sale ,what are they worth these days? I have have someone who is just interested in a flywheel,it is unused but has some surface rust what would be a fair price for it? The flywheel is a centerforce for old style chevy motors. Thanks for any input. Tom
  9. Any Minnesota Members?

    I talked with the owner of the red 240 conversion for a while ,the car was very well done. I'm in St. louis Park . The car is apart, your welcome to stop by if you want. Email me for a tele #. Later, Tom
  10. The Garage of your Dreams

    I would recomend a heated floor with a drain and running water for those who live in the salt belt . I am getting too old to enjoy laying on a freezing floor while working cars anymore. It would be nice to be able to wash the salt off the car and not have it coated again on the drive home. Tom
  11. What a BASH!!!!

    Hey Mike, Happy Birthday from me too. Tom
  12. What I did on the 4th

    You may be a redneck if, you go to the hospital after saying "hey watch this" . I'm glad to hear every thing worked out ok. Later, Tom
  13. I get crazed when the car in front of me entering the freeway stops at the end of the ramp .You then see the driver start looking at traffic waiting for a large opening instead of merging at speed with the flow of traffic. Tom
  14. If you want to go low budget use a hacksaw to cut your pipe and check into renting a welder for a day or weekend. You might also talk to your local welding supply shop about practicing on their demo equipement. Later ,Tom