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  1. I should be receiving the backorders on Sunday or Monday and will ship ASAP. Next round will have some vetting of their available inventory. I never expected such issues with the printer's supply chain! That's awesome to see a roadkill signed hoodie! I bet it was fun to see the car in person.
  2. Today I read the terrible news that Dan is considering shutting down HybridZ due to the ongoing costs of operating the site and the decrease in ad revenue. This is the best way I know how to contribute, so 100% of the profits from this round of apparel is going directly towards maintenance and server upgrade costs! Last round things took longer than expected to get rolling to hit the minimum order needed, so keep that in mind. For this round I'll be taking orders as we get them. Payment is due at the time of the order. Once we hit the minimum I'll continue taking orders for 1 week and then place the order with the screen printer. If at any time you don't want to wait any longer your order will be refunded immediately. 100% of all profits here go straight back to HybridZ!!! The T-shirts are printed on American Apparel brand 50/50 cotton/polyester blend shirts. These are some of the most comfortable shirts around and the 50/50 blend helps them to hold up for years without fading. Most custom printed shirts seem to be done on cheap haynes brand T's, and I wanted to avoid that here. This is something that's comfortable to wear and that's going to last a long time! Also available are hooded sweatshirts and longsleeve T-shirts. The longsleeves are also printed on American Apparel (100% cotton), and the hoodies are on Gildan brand material since AA doesn't offer a sweatshirt. I went through and picked a nice quality hoodie at the shop that's doing the printing, and you guys will not be disappointed with them! Here's some pics from the last run and the proof I received from the print shop showing the final design on the shirts. Right click and click "open image in new tab" to view larger! Pricing is as follows: Short sleeve t-shirts - $25 Long sleeve t-shirts - $29 Hoodies - $34 XXL is +$2 for each item. Shipping: T-shirt = $7.25 Anything Else = $14.00 All shipping is via USPS Priority Flat Rate. 2-3 day delivery in most of the US. International shipping is available. Know your sizes guys! American Apparel shirts are known to run small; Gildan is pretty true to size. Right click, "open image in new tab" to see them bigger! American Apparel Sizing: Gildan Sizing: Color options: IF I DON'T GET A SPECIFIC COLOR REQUEST IN YOUR ORDER I AM ASSUMING YOU WANT A BLACK SHIRT! If you chose some other color and the printing looks like crap on it, I'm sorry, but can't do anything about it. The logo was designed with a black shirt in mind. That being said, it looks on dark colors like a dark heather gray (my favorite) or navy. I wouldn't suggest getting any light colors or a red shirt. Short sleeve colors for S-XXL: https://www.alphabro...r=BB401&q=bb401 Long sleeve colors: https://www.alphabro...?sr=2007&q=2007 Sweatshirt colors: https://www.alphabro...5&currentColor= Short Sleeve Colors for XXXL only: http://www.companyca...41&parentId=625 *** ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS - PLEASE READ *** 1) Please post in this thread the quantity you're ordering and your zip code for shipping. Remember to check the size charts below!!! IF I DON'T GET A SPECIFIC COLOR REQUEST IN YOUR ORDER I AM ASSUMING YOU WANT A BLACK SHIRT! If you chose some other color and the printing looks like crap on it, I'm sorry, but can't do anything about it. 2) I will PM you with the total (including shipping), and my Paypal address (Paypal ONLY). 3) Transfer the funds, with your real name, username, and shipping address. If I cannot match a real name to a screen name, I will not ship. 4) I will take orders until we hit our minimum threshold and then for one week longer. After that period I will place an order at the screen printers and should have all of the finished products within 7 business days. Once all merchandise is in hand I will ship within 48 hours. All orders must be paid in full to make it on the list, no exceptions! If you don't want to wait any longer a full refund is available all the way up until I place the order with the screen printer. Previous buys: Round 1 - http://forums.hybrid...als-order-here/ Round 2 - http://forums.hybrid...thread-round-2/ Round 3 - http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/119702-hybridz-apparel-order-thread-round-3/
  3. Alternate Fuel Line Routing

    I'm in the process of running -6 (3/8") Cunifer hardlines for a new feed and return and was intending to run them in the stock location, but that's going to involve dropping the transmission at a minimum. I'm working alone right now on jack stands, and have a chronically injured wrist, so dropping the trans really doesn't sound like fun. Has anyone ran fuel lines somewhere other than the non-stock location? I was considering running them next to the frame rails inside some side of conduit, maybe framing channel. The frame rail would still be the lowest point on the car would, but I'm concerned about road debris getting kicked up and damaging the lines, hence the conduit. Framing channel / Unistrut came to mind so that any moisture could drain out. Rain is the norm in the Pacific Northwest. My other thought was running them inside the cabin in a solid conduit, but I'm still concerned about shearing at the bulkheads in the event of a serious wreck. I know several OEMs run fuel lines inside the passenger compartment, but my gut is telling me that fuel inside isn't wise. I was browsing tech requirements from several different racing bodies as a guideline and the acceptability seems to be mixed. Jeromio did an excellent job running them inside of a new frame rail here: Any advice?
  4. Glad you guys like them! Thanks for sharing! It'll be good to have some updated pics for future rounds.
  5. Thanks Dan! I'm not quite ready to announce the final number yet, but hopefully we can cover operating expenses for more than 6 months with this.
  6. Thanks for the warm wishes guys. Everything has shipped unless I've contacted you separately about a backordered color! If I had a partial backorder I went ahead and shipped what I had already. Savage42, OldAndyAndTheSea, evildky, ss260, and 74_5.0L_Z all have things we're waiting on. If anyone knows DatsunDoug in person, can they remind him to log on and pay? I decided to order his items since he hadn't read his PM, but he hasn't logged on since then. I have an XL black T and a L asphalt T ready to ship if anyone wants them
  7. Alternate Fuel Line Routing

    I guess I'm completely overthinking this! I only have 240Zs and haven't worked on the later chassis. That's exactly where I was considering running them, but was concerned about them being exposed to road debris. Thats the factory location for 280Zs? Thanks for sharing such excellent photos!
  8. Hey everyone, Just wanted to provide another update. I'm packing orders this weekend so they should go out early next week. Sorry for the delay! Life has been a little rough the past two weeks. Work sent me out of town, I got sick, and I had to put down my 13 y/o shepherd, so shipping everything got delayed. Looking forward to getting all of these into your hands ASAP.
  9. I have counted everything and organized it all by individual order, so most items will ship out next week! We had a few guys affected by backorders on colors, so I have sent separate messages to those individuals.
  10. Going rate for a 3.9 r200?

    I ended up selling it for $300+shipping on eBay.
  11. Going rate for a 3.9 r200?

    What's the going rate for an open r200 with the 3.9 gear set? No stub axles included.
  12. The printer said they were scheduled to run last Friday and then they have to ship the order to me. Hope that I'll get them by the middle of next week so I can pack and ship on the 18th. Give it a week to get to you guys and I'm thinking everyone should receive their stuff by the 25th.
  13. remaining parts from turbo build

    PM sent. I'll take the relay board and the O2 sensor.
  14. Thanks for the input Branden. I'm operating on the assumption that everyone will be in that same camp. With the better price at the printer and better shipping rates I'm trying to grow the size of our donation.
  15. Top chop update

    Bravo! Looks great! We've all been watching your progress for years, so it's awesome to see it out on the road. It's subtle!
  16. The printer said they're scheduled to run on Friday and then they have to ship the order to me. Hope that I'll get them by the middle of next week so I can pack and ship on the 18th. Give it a week to get to you guys and I'm thinking everyone should receive their stuff by the 25th.
  17. Can't log in from mobile

    Is anyone else having problems logging in via mobile the past few days? When I go through the login page it just redirects me back to the home page, but I'm not signed in. If I intentionally put in the wrong password it tells me that the password doesn't match, so at least it's making it that far. It happens in both safari and chrome browsers running iOS 10.0.2. No problems to report from a PC, but I do about 90% of my surfing here on my phone.
  18. Working through the last of the ordering details. Some color lists from the screen printer were out of date, so a couple of us had to choose different colors. That should all be sorted now!
  19. Get out some string and a measuring tape and start comparing to the passenger's side. Visually inspect all of the suspension components and mounting points. It should all mirror the passenger's side.
  20. My original shipping quotes I used were for the flat rate boxes. I've used them in the past, but they're pretty expensive now. I'll look into the bags. It seems like that's what a lot of online clothing stores are using now. At least that's what is always on the porch for my wife
  21. Small update for everyone. I have the order finalized with the printer and was able to get $180 knocked off of the price. I'll provide another update when I get the official printing schedule. Does anyone have tips on shipping discounts? I just signed up through ShipStation, which saves a little, but I might be able to do better.
  22. Can't log in from mobile

    Any luck? I still can't log in on mobile.
  23. Can't log in from mobile

    I sent Dan a PM to see if he has any input.
  24. L6 DIS Brackets (LSX) Are Available Once Again

    Photobucket hosting is restricted all over now, so you're going to see a lot of broken pics. Right click on them and open in a new tab to view on the photobucket site.