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  1. WTB: Hoke z32 adaptor

    WTB: Z32 Hoke adaptor kit
  2. WTB 280zx turbo manifold

    WTB: 280zx Turbo manifold
  3. FREE 4 sp trans and R200's

    So I picked up all differentials this morning. Here is what is available: R200 3.9 has "bad" written on it. missing half shaft inputs R200 3.54 needs a good cleaning; missing diff cover, and half shaft inputs R180 3.36 decent condition. has driveshaft inputs and half shaft inputs Free to the houston community. Located in Cypress tx. Barker Cypress and 290. If you take one... you have to take the other 2 as donations.
  4. 225/50/16 I'm not sure why only the passenger side is rubbing when I turn the wheel all the way in... This is why I'm asking the community
  5. So I think I over did it and ordered wheels that are too wide for the fronts. I have te37v's in 16x9.5 -25 offset and I can't turn the wheels on the passenger side without rubbing the front fenders. My solution was to order the GTX2 from TTT to adjust the caster. Maybe i'm on the wrong path but can someone chime in and help?
  6. Ok, here are some parts that I have accumulated over the past 4 years and I need to make space for new and incoming parts: - Wolf Creeks Mikuni triple 44phh. twm long manifold. the second verison I believe. only has 30 miles on the setup. - Mikuni 44pph w/ TWM manifold - Velocity stacks and air filters - 160, 165, 170 fuel - 200, 210 air - 62.5, 65 and 70 jets - complete linkage [ Asking 2000. buyer pays for shipping SOLD - 1971 series 1 240z gas tank. It will need to be recoated. asking 150. buyer pays for shipping - Wheels: 16" Rota rb gunmetal. asking 400 plus shipping 240z fitment 16" WRD d5 asking 800 + shipping. Will need a 3/4" spacer in the rear 16" Epsilon mesh wheels. Will come with assortment of barrels. 16x8; 16x9.5; 16x10 and 16x11 asking 2500 + shipping. I also have a box of misc parts. ie lights, fuel line... junk in my way but I'm sure someone could use these parts. This box will be awarded to the first person to purchase one of my items. All parts are located in north houston. Thanks for viewing. I will not part out any of the carb parts.
  7. I love the setup! hopefully you get the car back tomorrow!
  8. 240z parts

    Ground control coilovers + weld on perch. Brand new never mounted 320 shipped to usa only 5 spd 1978 transmission asking 200. buyer pays shipping All parts are in houston tx.
  9. wheel fitment

    25 mm front 30 mm rears waiting on the bc coilovers and fender flares.
  10. 16x7.5 + 22 16x8.5 + 24 Should I get 25mm spacers? I'm planning to run 225/50/16 in the front and 245/50/16 rear
  11. Awesome to follow the green monster... I'm about 3 months away from firing up my 3.0L Rebello w/ triple mikuni's. After reading this, it makes me want to order the goods to get my green monster started! Best of luck with your next motor!