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  1. WTB: Z32 Hoke adaptor kit
  2. 225/50/16 I'm not sure why only the passenger side is rubbing when I turn the wheel all the way in... This is why I'm asking the community
  3. So I think I over did it and ordered wheels that are too wide for the fronts. I have te37v's in 16x9.5 -25 offset and I can't turn the wheels on the passenger side without rubbing the front fenders. My solution was to order the GTX2 from TTT to adjust the caster. Maybe i'm on the wrong path but can someone chime in and help?
  4. 25 mm front 30 mm rears waiting on the bc coilovers and fender flares.
  5. 16x7.5 + 22 16x8.5 + 24 Should I get 25mm spacers? I'm planning to run 225/50/16 in the front and 245/50/16 rear
  6. Awesome to follow the green monster... I'm about 3 months away from firing up my 3.0L Rebello w/ triple mikuni's. After reading this, it makes me want to order the goods to get my green monster started! Best of luck with your next motor!
  7. So I have a 1971 240z. I recently installed the following: 1977 L28 engine Old fly wheel from my L24 New Clutch/disc/throw out bearing 1981 5sp transmission r200 rear diff New fluids. I am hesitant to start the lady up bc when I push the car back into the garage, it feels extremely heavy. Although I have not installed the clutch slave, the car seems like there is a lot of rolling resistance. Does anyone have an idea of what I may be doing wrong before I try to start the car?
  8. if you're free swing by 2920 car wash. I need some help on a few items. working on a 71 over there.
  9. I just ordered the rear disc conversion+ 1 inch master+ proportioning valve
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