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  1. Z-Dreamer

    S15/Q45 question

    I will check this week and post what I find.
  2. Z-Dreamer

    S15/Q45 question

    Question, I have a R200V Q45 FY33 – 3.692, will a S15 Silvia SPEC R Helical LSD differential work in the Q45 case and would I be able to use the Q45 gears and 6x1output shafts / stubs?
  3. Z-Dreamer

    Largest engine able to go into 240/280z?

    We have a member here that put a Big Block Cadillac in his S30.
  4. I heard that Greg Knell of Jaguars That Run has passed away.
  5. Z-Dreamer

    What happened to Z Car Customs JDM?

    Yikes! I'm sorry to hear he was injured and now nolonger in business.
  6. I see they closed shop, any idea why?
  7. Z-Dreamer

    Don Potter Racing Cam?

    Price is subjective, Don Potter did supposedly study under Ed Iskederian and Harvey Crane.
  8. Z-Dreamer

    Don Potter Racing Cam?

    According to Steve Bonk, many people are not aware of this, but the same lift and duration on 2 cams can be completely different acting cams in a engine. This cam has very fast ramps, allowing in more fuel and air than a similar sized cam.
  9. Z-Dreamer

    Don Potter Racing Cam?

    OK, I've been conversing the seller (Steve Bonk) and he says he bought the rights and patterns for the cams he sells from Don Potters widow. Steve Bonk says, he purchased at least one of every grind Don Potter had from his Widow. And that people who are part of the Datsun scene, know him and his reputation.
  10. Z-Dreamer

    Don Potter Racing Cam?

    My problem is, how do I really know it is really a Don Potter pattern? The seller says he will provide a cam card with all the specs, but how do you verify that it is the Don Potter grind that Randy Welch won 3 solo autocross championships with, if there are no available Don Potter cam specs? If it can be verified as legit, then I would order one myself!
  11. Z-Dreamer

    Don Potter Racing Cam?

    Yeah, I'm kind of curious as to why withhold the cam specs? Does anyone know want the cams specs are for a Don Potter #360-09? He claims it was a championship winning autocross grind.
  12. Z-Dreamer

    Don Potter Racing Cam?

    Thanks for the info, I had no idea! One of the reasons I love HybridZ is I always learn something. Anyway, the guy that's sell the cam, is reproducing them using a original #360-09 Don Potter cam profile. No specs, other than a .535 lift. He claims this cam should create 243hp at rear wheels in your 2.4 liter motor if you run 12 to 1 compression. For larger motors, you will get a larger number.