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  1. Howdy, I thought I'd show up (been a long while) and extend an invitation to you to attend our Driver Ed at Roebling Road Raceway - we are there the weekend of May 5-6 and if you know us - you know we are all-marque friendly. Registration is open at www.clubregistration.net I hope to see you there... and... if you have any questions - just ask... Jackie
  2. Howdy... Yep it's true we are back at Roebling Road in November. We offer a full weekend of driver ed -- teaching you how to control your car, be more aware and just have a good time driving a track within your car's (and yours) ability. We kick it off on Friday. For those who have proven solo track time - the track offers a lapping day. Tech opens at the track around 3-ish. Then we all head to the host hotel for wine, beer, pizza, etc. and more tech! Saturday morning we address the troops and let everyone know where they are expected to be. That night, we return to the host hotel where a BBQ will be setting up (shower first?) hot dogs, hamburger, more beer, more wine, etc. all part of the weekend. Sunday, back on the track to hone what you learned the day before. For those of you that have not turned to the Dark Side - we offer you a social weekend as you learn what we all know - how much fun a weekend at the track can be. If you are new to the sport, do not worry, you will be given an instructor who will be with you for the entire weekend - getting you over whatever fears, questions, bad driving habits you have. So please, consider turning to the Dark Side. Registration is open at www.ClubRegistration.net -->the club is Dark Side Driving Events See you at the track......(we hope.) Jackie P.S. If you have questions feel free to check out our website www.darksidede.com or call/email me
  3. Collectable Car Insurance void if raced?

    As an organizer of a Driver Ed - our team takes the "race" word like a true 4-letter word and avoid it in our vocabulary. When our car rolled over and died on the track during a DE, our insurance company was sure we were in a race. We had to turn over all the literature we gave each participant - which they went over with a fine tooth comb. They went to the track a few times to interview the managers and any workers that might have been around. Then they interviewed hubby - twice. They kept insisting he was preparing for a race. My husband has been doing DEs since 1965 and loves them. He has never had a racing license nor has he ever been in a race. It took months, but they then did pay for the lose of the car. I don't know how many events you do - but we do less than 6 a year. For 79 bucks my track car is covered for our three day event. Load off of my mind.
  4. Collectable Car Insurance void if raced?

    John, Are you really talking about racing on a track or doing a Driver Ed on a track? I do not know of any insurance company that you can use for your daily driver that will allow you to take it on the track to race. There are a few policies out there that do cover you if you take your daily driver to a Driver Ed. I have been told that every policy in North Carolina and Texas covers you for Driver Ed - no matter what. If you want Race insurance, there are places to look. If you want DE insurance, there are a few ways to go. Several companies will insurance your car to and from the track. Others write policies that cover you on the track. Some companies like WSIB write up 10 Event contract - while others like HPDEIns.LocktonAffinity.com insure you for one event at a time, but only with known-organizations that have set up their track procedures in line with Lockton Affinity. I hope I haven't confused you more - it's just that there are so many different types of insurance out there.
  5. DE at Roebling

    Same holds true in November. NASA is opposite us again. Weekend of Nov 6-8 But unlike your experience, we get along fine with Kaye and Richard McCloy. They truly are very good people. I'm sorry you haven't gotten to know them to see this for yourself. BTW, I've heard the "one more year" rumor as well for the past three years. Only time will tell. We are normally the first weekend in May and the second weekend in Nov - maybe one year NASA will not be the same dates and we can meet you -- at the track.
  6. DE at Roebling

    Have I mentioned lately that we will be back at Roebling Road May 2-3. We are doing an electronic roster so you can see who will be with us - it's at http://www.clubregistration.net under Dark Side. We are still taking payment via snail mail - and we do have about 25 spots still open - anyone interested? We hope you'll consider. We know, we are opposite NASA at CMP that weekend, but we'll be at Roebling having fun, pig pickin', Fosters and just a good old time. See you at the track sometime. I hope. More info: http://www.darksidede.com
  7. Nissan 350Z Convertible Rollbar

    John, The question truly is - is the roll bar that was put in the convertible 350z - just decoration...? And to add - 1995 is not "a date." It truly depends on the manufacturer. Those DEs that allow convertibles - will allow newer BMWs or Porsches because of their pop up roll bars. The new Miata has a roll bar (that is only in the last 2 years). And anyone who would think a convertible can be on a track without one is just crazy!
  8. 350Z convertible

    I asked this elsewhere on the forum, and haven't gotten a response, so any of your input would be most welcome. The 350z convertible looks like it has a roll bar. However, one salesperson from Nissan told me it was a "designy thing" and not a real rollbar. My question is, is it a factory installed rollbar that can be used in a Driver Ed? Thank you in advance.
  9. I was wondering if it is a true factory installed rollbar on the 350Z convertible -- or if it is what a Nissan salesman told me the other day - just decoration. Do those of you that have convertibles do Driver Eds? If yes, has your rollbar been accepted - or did you need to put in an SCCA-ok'd bar? Thank you.
  10. Return of the Dark Side - Nov 7-9 at RRR

    Ty - try bumping it in February - when we open registration for the May 2-3 event.
  11. Return of the Dark Side - Nov 7-9 at RRR

    I don't know who you are... but yes, call me Stalker - but for a good cause! I have been warned about groups that get too comfy with their attendance - I know that a good DE can only remain so --- when new greens and blues (novices and need more seat time folks) are enlisted... It's a job - and someone has to do it! LOL Hope to meet you one day - and see you on the track!
  12. Return of the Dark Side - Nov 7-9 at RRR

    For all the Nissans that attended - THANK YOU. I hope you had a great time. One of you gave me a thank you for having more of you than ever before. If you didn't attend, I'm so sorry - you missed a good one. Maybe we'll see you next year at the track...
  13. Return of the Dark Side - Nov 7-9 at RRR

    Good News. If you were scared of doing Driver Eds because your insurance company would not insure you - fear not. Our group, The Dark Side has been approved as an HPDE by Lockton-Affinity, and you can now, if you are a participant, insure your car for our 3-day event, all at one handy dandy price. If you are interested - we've posted some details at: http://darksidede.com/DEInsurance.html and from there you can click on articles and other info. All other questions can be addressed to our agent, Ryan Staub. Thank you.
  14. My home was hit hard by a bad storm a few weeks back - and my poor drive was fried. (Along with phones, television, etc.) I'm glad I found your site again... Just announcing that The Dark Side is having it's return engagement at Roebling Road Raceway. Some of you are now familiar with us and our "style" at the track. We hope you will consider coming out and playing with us. Jackie ************ Are you interested in attending a Driver Ed at Roebling Road Raceway in November? If yes, please read on. All marques are welcome...and of course, people with smiles who want to enjoy a good time at the track are also welcome Our schedule is: Friday, November 7th: The track is hosting an open lapping day for those who have been solo in White for at least one full weekend. It is for those track folks who have put in their seat time. 3:00 pm: Tech and registration at the track. (close at 5:30 pm) 6:00 pm: Hospitality at the Holiday Inn in Pooler - yep, pizza, beer, sandwiches, wine, soda, etc. 7:00 pm: Tech re-opens and continues at the hotel Please note: Campers are allowed at Roebling - however, you must call RRR with your reservation. Camping rates are reasonable and we are keeping the gates open until 10 pm for your convenience. Saturday, November 8th: Welcome to the Dark Side Driver Ed. 7:00 am: Tech is ready to go at the track 8:25 am: Track orientation with Bill Charlton 5:00 pm - Time to unwind with the sweet sounds of Annie Allman and her guitar plus BBQ and a keg... (for $10 bucks more!) Sunday, November 9th - back to the uneventful driver ed. We want everyone to go home the same way they came, just a few more miles added to their car. Run Groups: Green: Novice to little experience Blue: Need more seat time White: Solo Black: Track Junkies and spill over instructors Red: Instructors If you'd like to know more about the Dark Side, who we are, how we got started, what Driving to Success is all about - please visit our website http://www.darksidede.com Feel free to contact me if you have any questions -- Jackie
  15. Registration has opened for The Dark Side Driver Ed. Applications are available at http://www.darksidede.com. We are at Roebling Road Raceway (in Bloomingdale, Georgia, near Savannah) for Nov 8-9, with a lapping day for those qualified on the 7th. Our charity is The Boys & Girls Club of Hilton Head, and the children (ages 11-15) will be joining us on the Saturday for lunch and a Family-style parade. It's a full weekend with hospitality Friday night, BBQ Saturday night and oh yes, driving on the track is on the schedule too. All marques are welcome. All we ask is your car be track worthy (no leaks). Hope to see you there!