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  1. walkerbk

    Camaro gas tank mount

    I might just be crazy because that's what I want to do in a similar way but I thought someone had made it fully out of 1x2 instead of straps... I'm going to just stick with that design I guess (with a little tweak here and there).
  2. walkerbk

    Camaro gas tank mount

    And if I can't figure something else out by this evening, that's what I will start doing with a extra front support.
  3. walkerbk

    Camaro gas tank mount

    I thought there was someone who had made a frame to go over and under the tank instead of using the 1x2 over and a strap under.
  4. My ls swap has been running now for about 3 years but when I originally mounted the camaro gas tank I did a very poor job and had the mounting rails running front to back. I am now going back and cutting out all the old and doing it right but I can't seem to find the posts on how others have done it. My plan is to have mounting rails run left to right made of 1x2 and then make a 2 piece clam shale to mount it. Both pieces will be made of 1x2 and then weld to the mounting rails. I would like to see how some other people have mounted theirs however before I do this.
  5. walkerbk

    Door Handle Bumpers and Gas Door Bumpers

    Wow... I never knew that there was something that went there. Now I kind of want them.
  6. Got everything put back together and am happy that after owning the car for 6 years, the red brake light has finally gone out. Zx brake master 2+2 stock booster No prop valve S12+8 vented (multi size pistons) calipers in the front 240sx calipers in the back I like the red up.
  7. Well I got it... After a full day of heating and working at it, I figured it out. I tried going at it with compressed air but that had no effect. My next to last Idea was to attack it with the grease gun. Napa has 10x1.00mm grease zerks (part number 715-2008) that I was able to mount on the ends. after attaching the grease gun to it and pumping it a few times, the plunger shifted. After that, I applied the blow torch and continued to pump with the grease gun until the end popped out sending burnt grease everywhere. it is now going to soak in the cleaner overnight again and tomorrow, I will clean up the bore and hopefully replace the seals. 77, DATSUN!!! (for real, make???), 280z 2+2.
  8. Most everything on the back half of the 2+2 is different. The windshield, doors, hatch rear quarters and all interior panels plus more. However, if you do buy it and want, I will take those parts off your hands for free.
  9. Does anyone know how to disasimble these? I have tried everything that I know of, wd40, heat, soaking in paint thinner... I can't get the cone out that goes to the front in order to get the plunger out.
  10. walkerbk

    Rear end upgrades

    I am still working on getting everything bolted up (work got in the way). The axles were still to long. Don't even try the rock auto, autozone axles because they won't work, they have to be the stock 300zx axle (others have talked on this). Even still they were to long and had to be shortened via someone else's idea. He only however shortened one side. I shortened both and got about 3/4 in space between the spacer and the axle giving plenty of travle.
  11. walkerbk

    Z31 axle swap problems

    I had the exactsame thing happen to me. Im not sure if the mms axles will fit, i wasnt even going to chance it since the tripod design is weaker. The Autozone ones are made by the same company so they won't work either. I ended up buying a OEM set used off Facebook marketplace. It took like 4 hours of me dragging a bubble around the U.S. to completely search for them, but I got them. I ended up buying them from Marcos autoworks located in Walkertown, NC (336-577-7128) for 175 shipped. I then shortened my axles per someone else's idea (see below). He however only shortened one end, I shortened both ends and flipped the cages... I have about 3/4 of an inch with it fully dropped and just over 1/3 an inch with the jack under the control arm. Hope everything works out.
  12. walkerbk


    Also, what are you doing to the edge? It looks like it is currently just unfinished. Are you going to use a bead roller once complete or leave it as is?
  13. walkerbk


    Those actually look very good. What all did you do to form them? English wheel, slight bending here and there?
  14. walkerbk


    Below is the full email I received. Hi Bryan they are VERY sturdy Cut from 20Gauge Cold Steel Seam-Less Sheet roll. When installed and welded they are very sturdy we hundreded of Metal flares sold we have had a zero complain on the thickness However we can step the size up for an additional cost to a 18Gauge . I don't rely count 20 gauge as being sturdy but 18 gauge would I believe with a nice roll in it. I also don't believe they do any form work to them... they ship them flat and you have to form them which would result in poor quality... this however is only a guess.
  15. walkerbk


    Never thought about it but it but it would work... I love how at the end he says "now you have seen how easy this is to do". That looks like 4 days worth of work for 4 corners.