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  1. Z31 axle swap problems

    I had the exactsame thing happen to me. Im not sure if the mms axles will fit, i wasnt even going to chance it since the tripod design is weaker. The Autozone ones are made by the same company so they won't work either. I ended up buying a OEM set used off Facebook marketplace. It took like 4 hours of me dragging a bubble around the U.S. to completely search for them, but I got them. I ended up buying them from Marcos autoworks located in Walkertown, NC (336-577-7128) for 175 shipped. I then shortened my axles per someone else's idea (see below). He however only shortened one end, I shortened both ends and flipped the cages... I have about 3/4 of an inch with it fully dropped and just over 1/3 an inch with the jack under the control arm. Hope everything works out.
  2. Ssworx

    Also, what are you doing to the edge? It looks like it is currently just unfinished. Are you going to use a bead roller once complete or leave it as is?
  3. Ssworx

    Those actually look very good. What all did you do to form them? English wheel, slight bending here and there?
  4. Ssworx

    Below is the full email I received. Hi Bryan they are VERY sturdy Cut from 20Gauge Cold Steel Seam-Less Sheet roll. When installed and welded they are very sturdy we hundreded of Metal flares sold we have had a zero complain on the thickness However we can step the size up for an additional cost to a 18Gauge . I don't rely count 20 gauge as being sturdy but 18 gauge would I believe with a nice roll in it. I also don't believe they do any form work to them... they ship them flat and you have to form them which would result in poor quality... this however is only a guess.
  5. Ssworx

    Never thought about it but it but it would work... I love how at the end he says "now you have seen how easy this is to do". That looks like 4 days worth of work for 4 corners.
  6. Ssworx

    The ones ment for the datsun look like they are made from tin foil which is why i looked at some other ones and figured the mustang ones might be made to fit. Maybe it's worth a email to them to get the metal thickness.
  7. Ssworx

    Drawing closer to starting body work and paint, I'm looking into fender flares in order to put more meat on the ground while not looking like a bag of ***. I do not want to use fiberglass or carbon based off of fitment issues and I would like to have an all metal body free of cracks. Looking online, I see there is a company I haven't seen before Ssworx who is making metal fender flares. Although I am not sold on the look of the 280z flares, but if they fit the body well, I could be happy. I also looked at some of their other flares that look like they could be manipulated to fit very well like the 65-68 mustang kit http://ssworxs.com/shop/ssworx-parts-and-accessories/ssworxs-metal-fender-flares/ford-mustang-aggressive-fender-flare-kit/ which can be bought in 18 gauge. My question comes down to this, has anyone used them? What are talks thoughts?
  8. Refinishing small parts

    1st, I wish i had your abilities to work with carbon fiber. Very nice looking stuff 2nd, being in the military, I moved 6 months ago and will be moving in another 6 months. For this reason i had to sell my sand blaster (bought it for 50 and sold it for 50) which was the biggest mistake ever. If I can find another one for cheap I will pick one up to assist in preping parts for powder coating.
  9. 74 260z 5.3 resto mod

    No idea about side windows. When I painted I just rolled them down and covered then holes where paint could get in
  10. 74 260z 5.3 resto mod

    On the front window, you can use a razer blade and run it along the inside at a 45* angle cutting towards the glass. This should cut right between the glass and the metal. If your windshield has been replaced, I have had good success with using a flat head slipped under the seal from the inside and "pushing" the windshield out without damaging the glass or the seal... but that was on a new seal that had been on the car 2 years not the oem after 40.
  11. 2x3 frame rails on a 280z

    I saw your thread and your work looks amazing. I would love to do the same thing but I don't want to cut perfectly good floors out.
  12. Refinishing small parts

    I do believe powder coating is going to be the way that I want to go. The only problem is since I am military moving a random oven around the U.S. and getting set up wouldn't make to much since. If that is the best route, I might try to pick up and scrap a oven every now and then. Has anyone tried mastercoat products? They have a very interesting rust converter with zinc phosphate in it along with the normal phosphate acid (which by itself is awesome). http://www.masterseriescoatings.com/index/
  13. Refinishing small parts

    I have my 77 280z 2+2 just the way I want her, brakes, suspension, engine... everything has been upgraded and I am getting ready to take her apart to paint and weld the frame and maybe a 4 or 6 point cage. My question is what do you guys do with small parts, strut tubes, control arms other smaller brackets... Do you paint them and if so, what paint? Rattle can rustolium, actual 2 part paints... I am planning on getting a powder coating setup but am not sure if that is the best route (size of parts, chipping). I am tired of playing keep up with keeping parts looking good and protected.
  14. Possible 5.3L engine swaps question

    http://www.johnscars.com/zcar/zcar.html Looks like they are still there to me.
  15. Possible 5.3L engine swaps question

    You can not keep the stock intake, it is to tall. You have to take everything and swap it over to a ls1 intake (I used a metal typhoon intake since one day I will boost it). I didn't know that jcr isn't selling any more. I'm not sure about jags that run. Maybe someone else can chime in.