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  1. Plug and Play Megasquirt Wiring Harness + sensors etc

    I messaged you
  2. 60mm throttle body

    I'm looking for a 60mm s13 throttle body for an L28et
  3. Are you still fabricating these?
  4. WTB: Turbo Dizzy

    I'm looking for a 82/83 turbo distributor, CAS, chopper wheel, oil pump/ dizzy shaft
  5. 71 240z lowering springs

    Looking to buy lowering springs for my Z. Suspension technique or Tokico. Also, maybe tokico lowering springs for a 280z
  6. Complete Holley 4 Barrel Induction Package

    Still have it?
  7. Triple Webers 45 DCOE complete

    Looking for some used triples. Had 40s but need 45s for the high compression L28. I'm located in SoCal
  8. Title states it,I'm located in SoCal. Looking for an l28et or an l28 high compression triple carb. F54 with n47 head
  9. Q45 90mm THROTTLE BODY FS

    I'm interested in the lsd