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  1. Nismospek

    Triple 40mm Mikunis

    Lowered asking price. 1350 OBO.
  2. Nismospek

    SK TWM 40 MM Triple Carbs

    Have a triple set of SK 40mm carbs. Comes with isolators, filter gaskets, and master rebuild kits. Asking 1000 OBO. These use a combination of weber jets and mikuni pump jets and can be used in blow through turbo setups.
  3. Nismospek

    Ceramic Coating

    Figured that might be an issue. Really interested in WPC. Seems like its a treatment and not a coating.
  4. Nismospek

    Ceramic Coating

    Thanks for the info, its just seems that these builds are getting more expensive. I remember getting a quote for a Rebello stroker for around 7k, now similar builds are over 10k. I am slowly piecing together my build but longetivity is a big factor, so no boost or crazy compression. I will be running forged internals, but I am thinking about coatings for the crank and at the minimum getting the pistons ceramic coated. While doing research I came up with info on coating different parts of the head which I was unaware of.
  5. Nismospek

    Ceramic Coating

    Does anyone have any experience with ceramic coating. I know that its pretty common with pistons. It seems that you can do it to the exhaust ports and combustion chamber also. Don't really hear about it being used with L series builds. Whats everyone's view? I figured it would at least help longevity of the parts.
  6. Nismospek


    Buy my triple 40s, your ears and your Z will love it.
  7. Nismospek

    Triple 40mm Mikunis

    Looks like I am out of touch with the price on these. Reduced asking price to 1500 OBO.
  8. Nismospek

    '71 240Z

    Felpro for a budget, cometic metal hg if you have some money, Kameari if you are ballin.
  9. Hey Tony, tried to pm you. It appears that the Wako 75S has been discontinued and replaced with a 79 Special. Have you heard anything about this cam? 

    1. Tony D

      Tony D

      Nothing at all. Then again, I've been working like crazy and hardly have any time to do car stuff. Like I need to retire just to get back to what was normal before. Getting old working too much.

  10. Nismospek

    Wako 75R & Wako 79 Special

    It appears that the Wako 75S has been discontinued and has been replaced with two cams, the 75R and 79 Special. I was able to find a little bit of info here on the 75R which seems to be a little less aggressive than the 75S. Still waiting to hear back on the specs for the 79 Special. I was able to find some info on the 75R from this website http://www.geocities.jp/kuni_s30z/lgata9.html. Wako 75S Cam Lift 9.7 mm Valve lift 14.4 mm ~ 14.6 mm Central Angle: IN 101 degrees / OUT 103 degrees Wako 75R Angle 75 degrees life 9.2 mm Valve lift 13.5 mm (lever ratio: 1.47 calculated) Center Angle (not publicized)
  11. Nismospek

    Kameari only big bore gasket? (89mm+)

    You can always call cometic and they can make you one in what ever size you need.
  12. Nismospek

    Triple 40mm Mikunis

    I have a completely rebuilt with new gaskets set of triple mikunis. They are missing the throttle body assemblies and one carb is missing the filter/velocity stack studs. These are a matched set with 150 Main Jets, 220 Air Correctors, 52.5 idle, and 40 pump jets. Asking 1350 OBO
  13. Nismospek


    I can't even find photos of the ITBs. I heard about the different surge tanks that were for sale but nothing on the ITB setup.