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  1. these things are heavy! shipping to 35630 is like $70 already
  2. Bump! some stuff for sale and relisted. Best way to get a hold of me is PM! thanks!
  3. bump, need to get rid of some stuff or else the i'm going to get an earful from the lady
  4. awesome keep us updated with your progress. build looking great so far i cringed a bit seeing the engine and diff on your nice hardwood floors. don't scratch them up lol
  5. Rust, Ruin, & Victory

    Looking great! I think most of us understand the amount of work and money that goes into a restoration project like this and can truly appreciate the work done. Looks like your photobucket album is set to private, so can't see the rest of your pics
  6. SALE!

    Hey I'll take the axles. What is your PayPal?
  7. SALE!

    Pm sent on the axles
  8. all PMs answered. parts still for sale!
  9. Hey guys, trying to clean out my garage and free up some funds All items do NOT include shipping, will be shipping via USPS I accept Paypal I bought a packaged deal off a member here few months ago, planning on a L28et build but thinking of going a different route now. Previous owner got the car running and tuned http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/113092-1973-sublime-green-my-first-240z-l28et-build/?do=findComment&comment=1059247 MegaSquirt 1 on 3.57 board with MS wiring harness - SOLD! T3/T4 turbo .63 /.60 - SOLD Turbo exhaust manifold - SOLD J-pipe - $40 All items do NOT include shipping, will be shipping via USPS Megasquirt and turbo will probably be around $15 for flat rate Priority shipping Shoot me a PM, prices OBO Tthanks for looking!
  10. hey jhm, yea I was referring to the end links. you're right, it's not hard to remove, it's just putting on the end links back is a bit of a pain since you have to compress them down to get the nut on. i always jack up the car from the front middle cross member, and struts don't droop enough with the end links on. i guess it's just an extra step that must be done to adjust the camber plates.
  11. Yea, I didn't unbolt the front sway bars. I was hoping I could get away with the least amount of steps to just adjust the camber. Also because the front bar is a bit hard to bolt back on once you remove them (poly bushing end links).
  12. updated. i know someone wants an extra pair of spindle pins!