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  1. The "Ultimate" IRS Swap for S30s

    Thank you for posting all this good info. I finally picked up my F150 axles at an O'Reilly's distribution store, and they came out to $55.99 each, part # 60-2112 (remans), but with limited lifetime warranty. $10 core charge each, and $10.99 tax. They have the Ford stamps on them. However, I found an incredible bargain for the Intrepid hubs at RockAuto so ordered from there...$36.51 for two, and that includes $8.99 shipping.
  2. The "Ultimate" IRS Swap for S30s

    I'm in for Cobra caliper brackets
  3. The "Ultimate" IRS Swap for S30s

    I searched the topic, but didn't find mention of Tokico. Is there anything that would prevent use of the Tokico 5-way adjustable struts with this kit? I think this is a good picture of the Illumina BZ3013 rear 280z strut I currently have in my car. Oh shoot, it looks like the dimensions are way off... Product Dimensions 27.5 x 3 x 3 inches Whereas, the Koni part shows... Extended Length: 21.260''' Collapsed Length:15.240'' Body Diameter: 1.713'' What are the exact dimensions of the custom strut tube?
  4. The "Ultimate" IRS Swap for S30s

    Thanks for that idea, @bramagedained I'm also wondering if I can get the TTT big rear brake kit to work with Will's kit since I have 15x8 Weld Draglites, 5.5" backspacing. That one has an e-brake option. https://technotoytuning.com/nissan/280z/rear-big-brake-kit-240z-260z-and-280z
  5. Does anyone think this kit would work with Will Fritt's Ford 8.8 IRS diff kit, in place of the Wilwood 12.2" rotors? I have need of an e-brake and use 15x8 Weld Draglites with lots of negative backspacing.
  6. The "Ultimate" IRS Swap for S30s

    Great writeup with pics, thanks for sharing. I'm finally gathering up parts now to go at it. Question: Could that bolt be worked without putting a hole in the spare tire well? I've got a '75 with the same type as a 260z I think. Something I guess I am just realizing after re-reading this thread and looking for parts...I guess there is a parking brake delete when going with Wilwood stuff? If so then I'll need to do something different. I gotta have a parking brake. :/
  7. The "Ultimate" IRS Swap for S30s

    I went to car-part.com and found a local yard selling a few...picked up a 2004 Mercury Mountaineer "3L73" IRS 8.8. It's at the shop getting gears. Same shop that will be making my driveshaft later
  8. S30 Ultimate 8.8 IRS Swap Kit!

    Got my two packaged in Wednesday. Good quality stuff. Now I just need to comb through the list and scrounge up all the other stuff I need. Thanks again wfritts911!
  9. S30 Ultimate 8.8 IRS Swap Kit!

    Thanks for the update. Just shoot me a tracking # when it's time. Thx
  10. S30 Ultimate 8.8 IRS Swap Kit!

    Still waiting Hmmmmmm :/
  11. S30 Ultimate 8.8 IRS Swap Kit!

    Ooooh I can hardly wait for mine to ship!
  12. S30 Ultimate 8.8 IRS Swap Kit!

    PayPal sent today!
  13. S30 Ultimate 8.8 IRS Swap Kit!

    Will: Parts ordered and hopefully shipped to you soon!
  14. S30 Ultimate 8.8 IRS Swap Kit!

    Alright! Glad I checked the forum tonight. I'm reading up again to see exactly which parts and where so I can ship them off ASAP. PM sent wfritts911!
  15. S30 Ultimate 8.8 IRS Swap Kit!

    w00h00 progress!