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  1. Just received a response from Ground Control Suspension. "Hello Michael, I apologize for not being able to reply sooner, my e-mail was down for a few days. Our system adds approximately 1" of tire clearance over the original springs and perches. Thanks, Donovan" Hope this will help someone.
  2. Hello, everyone! New 1975 280Z owner. First post, but I have been reading on this forum for years. Couldn't find the exact information I was looking for while searching. I need to know how much clearance will I gain with Ground Control coilovers. I would like to run 16x9, 0 offset rims in the front and I am lacking about 20 mm of clearance. All posts I have read say that coilovers give more clearance without the exact measurement. With stock suspension in the car I have 122 mm (4.8 inches) from the wheel mounting surface to the spring perch. Appreciate your input.