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  1. ahbeyra

    SBC to 4th gen camaro v6 T5

    I have had a chance to get down right mean to the car, 4000 rpm clutch dumps, donuts for days, and hard launches. All in a safe area of course, and it is still together, I did kill a throw out bearing though... somehow. Other than that, my other hardships have included running out of gas and losing the steering wheel. Good times.
  2. ahbeyra

    SBC to 4th gen camaro v6 T5

    So far so good, I have been chasing some driveline vibrations and noises, it got a lot better after i found a blown up ujoint in one of the stubs. Other than that, I still havent blown it up.
  3. I am not sure about where they might be sold retail wise, all I know is the v6 ones like i used are available for less than $100 often around me. We have a lot of pull-a-parts around Atlanta that flat rate any transmission: TRANSMISSION - AUTO W/CONVERTER $74.95 $25.00 TRANSMISSION - MANUAL $74.95 $25.00 Off of their website at http://www.pullapart.com/parts/pricing/ the 25 being a core charge. Most of all, no one but other 95-2002 V6 Camaro owners want those 5 speeds. So they are almost always still in the car. Just give it a quick once over, checking that it spins when it should and not when it shouldn't. Check fluid for chunkies and flakes... I mean, its a $100 dollar transmission, soooo, it may not be perfect... but I can buy a whole lot of them for the price of one equally weak(but better geared) v8 trans out of earlier Camaros.
  4. It was nearly too much work for me, I could not agree with you more, Miles. I went through two different master cylinder options first, a Tilton and a different jeep model, two different ways of bending the hard lines to get to the slave, 2 different front bearing retainers... lots of pull apart and measures in between. But, that is the main reason I made an account here, to share that knowledge gained through much pain and mental frustration. Like I said, you could find posts all over the internet talking about how "all you have to do is get a jeep bell housing and slap some Camaro junk in it, and boom, instant conversion!" but no one had seemed to ever actually do it, all just speculation and brother's daddy's uncle's best friend's mailmen that had gotten it to work. Or part numbers that don't exist. It is just hard to resist using such an undesirable transmission. those T5s meant for Chevy V8s are so rare, and when people are selling one, they think they have a TKO or something... its crazy, at least here in Georgia, cheapest I ever found one is 600 bucks. I mean, yeah, its not THAT expensive... but, the V6 T5s are almost literally a dime a dozen. Anyway, I hope to see more broke budget minded people able to enjoy this 5 speed conversion.
  5. I am sorry to contradict you Miles, but I am currently daily driving my sbc v8 240z on a v6 t5 out of a 96 camaro. This is from my experience adapting this transmission to work with an early small block chevy. The same could be done with a ford mustang t5, but you need a 10 spline clutch, different front bearing retainer and a different pilot bearing.. maybe more, but I did not personally perform that conversion, so I dont know anything for sure about it. Just that the same principle will apply. Measure and math it out. Anyway, to answer your questions (maybe), this is the only pic I have on me at work. This is where my transmission mount ended up, I welded a tab straight off the back of the crossmember under the bushing and then gusseted the edges for strength(imagine an upside down U shape box of steel) and then drilled 3 holes in it for the bolts. Also, to match the angle of the trans in the back(since the shifter sticks straight up with the jeep bellhousing) I heated and bent the driver side of the mount downward a little and turned a 1.40" spacer(if i recall correctly, I will measure and take more pictures when I get off work) on the passenger side to slant the crossmember with the bushing. As for shifter location, mine actually seemed a touch too far forward. I am not sure what bellhousing you are using to test the distance, but with the Jeep one, it is pretty close to the dash. And if you have a th350 in there with a long tailshaft, as i did, you should be able to use the same 27 spline driveshaft you had previously. also of note is that if we are talking about the same t5 it should have a 26 spline input shaft and an internal slave cylinder, it came off of the 3.8 v6 camaro in 1996 era. Like I said, I can get you some more pics later today. edit: I should again add, while using the stock crossmember works, a custom one would be better because the clearance from the bolt head to that side is really tight and is a pain to tighten them, you could probably beat it in a little first or cut it out and reweld a step into it, but at that point, you are about done with a custom job. I just did what I knew I could do to get it running and out playing quickly. You may want better for your future
  6. ahbeyra

    Diff ID

    Trying to find the original home of this differential.
  7. You do bring up a good point, there was not much in terms of usable information. There is some usable information in a post in the tech board, about the transmission here. As for the lsd from a 280z, literally the only detail I was told by the previous owner that I did not validate any further than laying two stripes on the ground. Maybe someone can help me with where it came from in reality then. These were the best pics of it I could get at the moment. In one pic you can see an extra eye for a long bolt on the driver side of the nose, maybe that is a clue as to what it came out of. Are there any tidbits of information that you think would be particularly useful outside of the transmission adoption? It seems like a pretty straightforward build compared to some of the other wild things the great people of this forum do. Half-assed even, mostly never posted because I was a bit ashamed of the level of work compared to some of the talent here.
  8. ahbeyra

    IMG 5111

    this kind of came out like hammered dog doo because I did not allow proper cooling time between welds and welded too close together and basically warped the balls out of the hoodscoop when I attached it. Fortunately I have to redo it because the new engine combo is too tall for even that now.
  9. I am not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing, I am familiar with it, but as literature that is quite subjective. It was pretty difficult to sum up 7 years of work into a somewhat legible post. I will try to work out the kinks. I am sorry if it does not conform to forum standards, if that is a problem I will rectify it as quickly as possible.
  10. You can take a look at this post as an alternative. http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/125050-sbc-to-4th-gen-camaro-v6-t5/
  11. Due to the ever growing scarcity(at least in my area) of the T5 that belongs behind gen1/2 sbc engines, I decided to go for gold and live the dream of adapting the newer camaro t5s to the old sbc. This presented a few problems, one being the newer camaro v6 T5s are actually a ford bolt pattern, they are tilted 17 degrees and they are somewhat poorly geared... but hey, for less than 90 bucks at a pull-a-part, I can deal. This brings me to the middle man, the bellhousing. I used one out of an 82 CJ-7 Jeep that had an old iron duke 151 in it, this little gem was an inline 4 cylinder with a small block bolt pattern on the back of it that was often mated to a t4 that had a ford bolt pattern. Bingo. All of the hydraulics used were for an 82 CJ-7 as well, using some hard line a bent myself from orielly's. The Flywheel was an 86-92 153 tooth flywheel from basic GM applications in the 305 or 350s of that time. clutch and pressure plate was for a 85 Camaro z28 iroc z, oriellys part K1675-21. also the front bearing retainer has to be changed to a steel one from a CJ as well, Part # CROJ8134013 from 4wd.com Dont worry, it is very easy to change that out. I will probably have to read over and edit this as more comes to me, but that is what I needed to make it work. My only complaint is the CJ hydraulics blow nuts. Super hard to bleed all the way.
  12. ahbeyra

    Out and About

    My 500Z finally out on the road...ish.
  13. I guess I could elaborate more on project specifics, like cost.. 1. Super janky 240z with jank boat anchor motor - $1000 2. Weatherstripping kit and Body kit - $700 3. Poly bushing kit - $175 D. New rims - $440 5. set of super nice takeoff cobras - $189.99 6. Bunch of steel - $144 7. box of gauze and hydrogen peroxide - $6 8. tetanus shot booster - priceless 9. all of the things to follow the lunati 343 hp 305 sbc build(super lucked out on some parts used on CL) - $400 10. new windshield, trim, and all kinds of bonus goodies off of CL - $100 11. new carb - $383 12. T5 trans out of pull a part - $86 13. jeep bell housing and hydraulic bits - $300 14. Selling parts i didnt need - +$650 15. complete brake overhaul - $750 16. rustoleum and acetone - $22 17. epoxy and high build primer - $260 18. estimated nickle and dime parts and junk - $400 TOTAL: 4,705.99 over 7 years probably forgot something, but that seems pretty accurate.
  14. First and foremost, I would like to apologize to everyone with those super sweet z cars that opted not to molest them. This will make you cringe. Some of you will probably love this build more than you should. I have been a SUPER long time lurker here, as I have been tooling on this car for the better part of 7 years, 4-5 hours at a time, 3 months at a time. One thing of note, is that I stayed on a very slim budget for the most part, cheap as possible, expensive as necessary. I did have some non-negotiable goals, one of which was taking a lot of inspiration from the Shelby Daytona car... My true love in life. Now before more long story, some z pr0n. These were the pictures I was provided with when responding to an ad for a super cheap 240z 6 hours from me. I didn't afraid. It was every bit as aweful as it looked in those pics. When we went to load it on the car dolly, the rear end seized and we had to pull the drive shaft anyway so we just wheeled it around on the jack to get it to the dolly. The fuse box also tried to catch fire, the car ran on even after ignition was off, it had a aquafina bottle as an "nhra legal" overflow lololol... the seller was kind, but man, he was really trying to sell this pile. At this time it had a small block Chevy 305 and a th350 in it already with a custom driveshaft already made. So I was stoked that a lot of the work was done for me. This was not a blessing, literally everything the previous carsmith had done was brutally wrong and was shady in one way or another and really just sucked and didnt work. couldnt catch all gears, super drive line problems, suspension felt like it was going to fall off on decel(later found out that a tire on the front was literally full of water, only after installing all new poly bushings on the whole car), seats moved a lot but were power seats with no power, I mean, holes in every panel, completely destroyed wiring harness with countless shorts. You know, a real mans tear provoking nightmare. And I welcomed it. Now, I started this pretty young, and have gone through many life stages while working on it, changing my outlook a little at a time. The first 2 years with the car, I was unmarried and renting a house with a tiny carport. It was hard to do much, but since I purchased the car very cheap, I decided my next tax refund would go towards things like all new weather stripping(which ended up sitting in a box for 4 years) and a body kit to kind of modernize the look, but not be too ricy... failed that kinda. I wanted the perfect blend of muscle and import. I feel like it worked out well in the end, a lot of things would have been done differently if I started it again today, but fukkit. A big part of this project was learning to fabricate and do body work and all that fun stuff. What I realized was I hate body work and take my hat off to people who do it well. I had a few things I did great, but I really did not have the patience for it after waiting to really drive the thing for 6 years. I ended up just sealing the body with a nice epoxy primer so that I can further build and finish the body work some winter in the garage I now have. I just shot it with a cheap rustoleum job and put the glass back in and drove the hell out of it for a day until I realized it wouldnt really shift anymore. Then some where in between the putting the body kit on and actually painting it, I got married, bought a house, became a foster parent... lots going on, even less time and money for the car. Progress was slow, but one spring I just sat down and steeled my will with the only option I had. Sort out the impossible. I had been stopped by the 5 speed swap failure of the previous spring. But I decided to figure it out. The drivetrain was a complete mashup, sbc v8 into the mythical jeep bell housing from the iron duke, into a ford pattern t5 out of a 96 v6 camaro 5 speed, into the original custom driveshaft into an r200 lsd out of the 280z. All of the hydraulics were also from a jeep. I had many problems getting this bell housing to actually work, despite seeing people all over the internet saying it was a sure thing, yet no one ever actually doing it themselves and having details, or the details that some could find referring to Napa part numbers that haven't existed for a decade. Neat. Well internet, despair no longer, for I have made it work! Details will be in another post, because this is going to be a huge convoluted post even without that juju. Painted Pics! As of a month or so ago, I have been tearing up the streets in this new ride, it still has tons and tons of work to be even close to finished, but it is SO fun to drive anyway. No interior, jank gauge mount... lack of gauges... you know, the optional equipment Between last year and this year, the brake system decided it was its final year of life as far as rubber goes, so I had to completely redo it, I took advantage of that to install a disc brake conversion on the rear(I know, its heavy but it was 120 bucks more than all of the parts i had to put into the factory old drums and it felt wrong), new soft lines, new hard lines, new calipers and pads up front, new booster, and a new master. She stops real nice now. Now, I would like to say, that I tried to take good pictures, but I failed, and I am going to show you guys anyway, because I have no shame. I mean, I drove that thing around the way it looks and loved it. It is for me to enjoy as a street legal go-kart and nothing more. Just a toy to be abused. MOAR PICS! I will try to be a active for a bit to answer questions people may have about putting parts that should never be together into one of these things, I have learned A LOT. I mean, nothing on that is stock anymore but the gas tank, headlights, and the front calipers... everything else came from some other donor... chevy, jeep, nissan, mazda, ebay, and other datsuns. yay.
  15. ahbeyra

    240z Painting

    Wanna drive your car but dont have windows in it yet because you are waiting to paint it? Fukkit and spray it with 6 dollars worth of rustoleum and drive that piece!