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  1. Weber DCOE 45 - Tuning Help!

    Looking for some thoughts/opinions from the Weber guru's out there, on the setup of my DCOE 45's. I purchased my 240z and it came with 45's on it, which I've concluded are too big for my application, but will deal with it for the time being. For the time that I've owned the car, getting it started was always a hassle and there was a lot of stumbling/hesitation at the bottom end/slow speeds. The engine didn't really come alive until 5-6k RPM through 3rd and 4th gear, basically all top end and it ripped hard on the highway. A few weeks back I decided to have the carbs gone through and retuned by a local weber specialist. Now that I have the car back, yes starting is easier and bottom end hesitation has been somewhat improved, but the overall powerband feels flat across the board. I feel like the spunk has been removed LOL. On top of that, I get popping during slower acceleration and lots of popping when throttling down. The guy attributed the popping to the valves needing adjustment. That said, I was hoping to gather thoughts on the tuning that was done. Below are the engine and carb specs that I have. Thanks for your help! Engine: Original L24 Original head with enlarged valves (don't know the valve specs) 6-2 headers Crane EI Carbs - Current Tune Weber DCOE45 Choke/Ventury: 30mm (was 32mm) Main Jet: 125mm Air Corrector: 175mm Idle Jet: 65mm Aux Ventury 4.5 E-Tubes: Unknown (F11 or F16) Pump Jet: Untouched and Unknown