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  1. Hello, I read a post that you have/may have 3 DIS coil brackets?

    I'm interested in one, if you do have any. 

    thanks, Glenn

  2. clear2me

    P90 complet head

  3. clear2me

    P90 complet head

    Hello i am looking for no rust and damge complet head shipping to Finland 😊 thank you
  4. clear2me

    L6 DIS Brackets (LSX) Are Available Once Again

    Hello i have 3 in stock can you pay 25$ shipping 4-7 day to You ? Thank you
  5. clear2me

    L6 DIS Brackets (LSX) Are Available Once Again

    Hello i have 3 in stock but i am on Kuwait 🇰🇼 Thank you
  6. clear2me

    Flat Stock Bumpers???

    Hello Jim Middle East South America and Europe has the same bumper also some Japanes not all its rare and not cheap also there on Gulf Arab states i find these in Japanes action and i hope its help you front https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/m226861652 Rear https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/m226861600 Thank you
  7. clear2me

    280zx turbo intake manifold

    Any photos please!? i am not in USA Thank you
  8. clear2me

    280zx turbo intake manifold

    Hello I am looking for 280zx L28et turbo intake manifold shipping to Glendale, AZ 85301 Photos please thank you Mohammad
  9. Hello What the price for intake manifold senza pari ? Thank you
  10. clear2me

    280zx door seal weatherstripping alternative?

    Thank you so much Looking for full kit 2+2 t-top ))
  11. clear2me

    t-top weather stripping

    These my problem 2 years ago I don't anything Any help please? 2+2 t-top Thank you
  12. clear2me

    T56 behind an L-series

    Hello That great is stronger than Z32 and RB25Det ? Thank you
  13. clear2me

    New 280zx roof band

    Hello Still looking
  14. clear2me

    T56 behind an L-series

    Hello Tim Why you need used 6 speed transmission on L28 ? I see on Google Z32 and rb25det strong transmissions Really i am looking for strong transmission to used on my 280zx I try to used z32 buy its not fit without cutting on my car Thank you