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  1. Turbo Meister

    Turbo Meister's TT SBC 240 Z

    Never on a dyno before. It is a Motown ll 400 ci racing block. My old set up produced a best mph of 163 in the quarter mile. Standard racing conversion for the weight of the Z and that mph equates to over 1000 flywheel hp.
  2. Turbo Meister

    Turbo Meister's TT SBC 240 Z

    Had to get new AFR cylinder heads because my Edelbrocks were damaged and had cracks. So, no dyno yet but dyno time will be scheduled in 2018.
  3. Awesome job!!! Can't wait to see those turbos hooked up and screaming.
  4. Turbo Meister

    Turbo Meister's TT SBC 240 Z

    Custom Strut Bar has been installed. This D.E.I. reflective high heat barrier will protect the hood paint.
  5. Turbo Meister

    Turbo Meister's TT SBC 240 Z

    The Z has been repaired and is ready for action. Since changes have been made, some tuning will be required. Start-Up https://youtu.be/EoDj0McCyQs
  6. Turbo Meister

    Turbo Meister's TT SBC 240 Z

    Thank You... also hope it runs as well or better!
  7. Turbo Meister

    Turbo Meister's TT SBC 240 Z

    The interior shows stock 240 Z seats and G-Force racing harness. The B&M shifter housing was recessed into the transmission tunnel. The gauges and electrical switches were installed into a custom dash panel.
  8. Turbo Meister

    Turbo Meister's TT SBC 240 Z

    I designed and Mack fabricated this electric water-pump and 6 gallon ice-water combination tank for the air to water inter-cooler. A kitchen sink stainless steel screen strainer blocks the larger ice particles from entering the 25 gpm Meziere pump. The tank fits securely and snugly between the Z's wheel tubs.
  9. Turbo Meister

    Turbo Meister's TT SBC 240 Z

    These pics show the Quick Time Pro Hoosier street tires and also the Dynomax, #24222 Race Bullet Mufflers.
  10. Turbo Meister

    Turbo Meister's TT SBC 240 Z

    Here is the installed CBR Performance radiator and Earl's Transmission cooler. I made the front panels, on both sides of the radiator, through which the turbo intakes are protruding. It appears Rustoleum's Automotive Enamel #252459 Cherry Red spray can paint, on the side panels, is a good match to the Z's body paint. These pics show the other side of the turbo air intake tubes. And, how the Spal fan and intake manifold coolant hoses are attached to the radiator.
  11. Turbo Meister

    Turbo Meister's TT SBC 240 Z

    The turbos, with Evolution Turbonetics waste-gates, have been attached to the headers and to the air-to-water inter-cooler. The 3 1/2" inter-cooler outlet is now connected to the Extreme Velocity carburetor hat. A Greddy blow-off-valve vents pressurized air when the throttle slams shut.
  12. Turbo Meister

    Turbo Meister's TT SBC 240 Z

    The carburetor is a Pro-Form 750 double pumper with Pro-Series, dual needle and seat, float bowls. CSU handled all the "blow through" modifications and installed Boost Referenced Power Valves in both metering blocks. The following MSD components provide ignition: Billet distributor, #85551, 6-BTM ignition box, #6462, and Blaster coil-2, #8203 The electric water pump is a Meziere, #WP 301 S, 55 gph unit and the one-wire alternator is rated at 140 amps.
  13. Turbo Meister

    Turbo Meister's TT SBC 240 Z

    The block is a 4.125 bore Motown ll. The rotating assembly is a Speed-O-Motive crankshaft kit consisting of: 3.75" stroke 4340 crankshaft, H-beam 6.00" Eagle rods, and 8.8 compression JE ...2618 forged pistons. The Edelbrock Victor jr. cylinder heads contain: 2.08" intake and 1.60" exhaust valves, 1.55" double valve springs, and Competition Cams Magnum 1.5 roller rocker arms. The Chet Herbert solid roller cam has the following specifications: Intake duration is 242 @.050 and .580" lift, Exhaust duration is 248 @ .050 and .600" lift, Lobe separation angle is 114 degrees, and installed centerline is 110 degrees ( 4 advanced ), Valve lash is .018 intake and .020 exhaust. The Edelbrock Victor jr. intake manifold has had the thermostat housing removed and two AN-16 bungs were welded in place to route coolant to the radiator via stainless steel braided hoses.
  14. Turbo Meister

    SBC Turbo Setups?

    Thanks. Yes, I did not feel like talking a lot about "the Incident". But working on the Z, again, has been a very healing experience.
  15. Turbo Meister

    Turbo Meister's TT SBC 240 Z

    Engine and transmission is going in. Despite the modified cross-member, the Milodon Drag Race oil pan, #31145, would not clear. The pan comes with a windage tray and double trap doors. The tapered sump measures 6" in front and 7 5/8" in rear. I removed the interference portion of the pan at the front to allow cross-member clearance. Mack, then expertly welded a piece of metal to the pan to seal the front end. This modification provided the necessary clearance.