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  1. ritrebor

    New Power Brute R200 clutch LSD

    I’ll take it PM sent ritrebor
  2. ritrebor

    L24 (L26, L28) front engine timing chain cover

    If McGruber doesn't have one, I have one. ritrebor
  3. ritrebor

    Broken 4340 Stub Axle threads

    Wozza when did you buy your set? I got a set from Joe around August of last year but I have not installed them yet. Just want to know if they came from the same batch. Thanks ritrebor
  4. ritrebor

    JTR SBC Kit Positioning Help

    Are you using the spacer plates that go between the cross member and the frame? https://jagsthatrun.com/collections/datsun-z-parts/products/dat-105-spacers-between-body-and-front-crossmember-one-pair ritrebor
  5. ritrebor

    Turbo Meister's TT SBC 240 Z

    I fully understand what you are saying. Knowing when to change is key to longevity. Hope to see you at the local shows. ritrebor
  6. ritrebor

    Turbo Meister's TT SBC 240 Z

    Looks good Hans Let us know when you take it out again. ritrebor
  7. ritrebor

    280Z A-pillar question

    Top is sunken and bottom is raised ritrebor
  8. ritrebor

    280Z A-pillar question

    Just slots. ritrebor
  9. ritrebor

    R230 companion flange adaptor

  10. ritrebor

    engine bay upper body frame structure for a 240Z

    Have this ritrebor
  11. ritrebor

    240z Rear Beaver Panel

    I have this ritrebor
  12. What I did with my dash was remove all but 4 screws that hold the dash to the frame. My dash kept cracking after I refinished it. After removing all the extra screws it held up better. The dash isn't going anywhere as it's held in by the A pillars. Seems that when you tighten the screws it puts stress on the old foam. ritrebor