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  1. I am interested in a T5 bell house for the Nissan tanny. It needs to be shipped either to NJ where I have a p.o. - alternatively to Denmark Thx Stefan [email protected]
  2. winquist

    Any Feedback On THis Radiator?

    I got one Had it sent all the way to Denmark. Well the radiator is ok - it will never get an A+ for welding quality, nor A+ for the bend of the connection tube, but hey what can you expect for that price. Fitment is ok as well, by the way. i also got a radiator from Arizona Z - completly other quality ...way better - but both radiators do their job ! /S
  3. winquist

    Subaru WRX STi R180 Side Axles

    Hi John Please sign me up for a pair of these axles - thanks Stefan
  4. He he ...well if I should go that route, I would go for the BMW straigt 6 from the M-model No - AJ did the complete cage in his own car, and the I had it welded in here in Denmark where I live. The chasi was paint stipped, and I am actually going to pick it up from the paintshop in about 16 hours 39 minutes and zero sec. look forward to see the result Say hi at Hooters - havnt been there for 8 years ;-(
  5. I ran a 225 mm setup (by the way - I have great pictures of the ACT clutch cover "flexing" after internal "explotion" )) Thanks Tony - I know Adrian, he made my new rollcage ;-.) I'v just ordered the Jun Ultralight flywheel as well as a AP Racing twin plate paddel clutch - I that wont work, I'll sell all my Datsun bits and start enjoying some rollerskates instead ha ha
  6. Just wanted to post my simple 2 cents’ I run a 240Z in the FIA racing historic scene in Europe. I run a Rebello engine pushing around 270HP at 7.000 rpm. I have been running with two setups: 1# Fidanza flywheel with a Centerforce II clutch – the Centerforce gave up after 65 race miles, it just could not stand the fast shifting and power. 2# Fidanza flywheel with an ACT 6 puck clutch – now that was fun …after 21 race miles (running with Mr. John Morton in Copenhagen) the pressure plate pulled itself (threads gone in the flywheel) out of the Fidanza alu flywheel (fantastic sound when that happens). Everything was off cause destroyed !!! Now I am going for at steel flywheel, AP or Tilton 2 plate clutch Hope that will cope for my harsh driving Anyone had the chance to test the JUN ultra lightweight flywheel ? Rgds Stefan
  7. winquist

    T-5 Bellhousing $40

    Is this still up for sale ??
  8. winquist

    280YZ widebody with headlights!!!

    Hi - what size is the crate ? and could you do me the favor of investigating the shipment price to NJ Thanks Stefan
  9. winquist

    *Pics* of your race car

    Feel free - I am based in cenbtral Copenhagen so give me a call next time you are in Denmark (+45) 25263333 Cheers Stefan
  10. winquist

    *Pics* of your race car

    Well ....one from Copenhagen - Denmark
  11. Hi there Just building my new tanny/engine, and searched the forum for info on what Clutch plates/disc's which could be used. The reason is, that we dont have a large supply of the 240Z parts here in Europe, but have loads of stuff to Nissan 240SX/200SX cars. So can anyone advise, if it is possible to use these Nissan Discs with the Datsun gearbox ? From my own research, I can tell that they are both 24 spline and 225mm, but there maby a difference in the thikness. Any advise is welcome Regards Stefan
  12. winquist

    "BRE theme" paint code ??

    Hi - can anyone help with the paint codes for the John Morton BRE 240Z car. Its the red and white codes I need, as I am about to do a replica here in Europe. Thanks PS. has left Ron Carter a message regarding this, as he has made one replica, but as my car is going to the paintshop on monday, and I hav'nt heard from him yet, I try my luck here with you guys. Stefan
  13. Hi Z's I'v just recived my new Autometer Speedo and Tach in 5", and they look great. But ........when I try to install them, they drop directly trough the hole - please help Any good advise Stefan
  14. If any of You need Volvo parts, please let me know, and I´ll try to find them here in Denmark/Sweden We have some geat sites with 2. hand car parts (Volvo) Please PM me with requests - [email protected] Regards Stefan
  15. winquist

    RB26DETT 240Z sale??

    Brad - you got PM form me I´m very interested in your car, as I´m looking for either a well made RB240Z or will go for my own "transform". I think, as I as well just bourgt at house, though in Denmark, my wife would be pleased if I got a complete car. Please do send me some more pictures and a phone number so I can call you. Stefan