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  1. Recently built a R33 GTR with the -5s. Tomei cams, Tomei turbo headers and Tomei down pipes. Car made 486whp on 13psi. Will be looking for 575-600whp with new injectors.
  2. Yep, saw that too. I change my oil often so I am not worried about it.
  3. Got the arctic cat running today. About to go out for a little ride.
  4. Memorial Chase How is your build coming texas30O?
  5. I know! I still can't believe I got them back. Would you believe that for the last 3yrs they have been in the back of my brothers neighborhood!?!
  6. He drove past a truck pulling the arctic cat on a trailer. Got them to pull over, you can guess the rest lol.
  7. Hey guys! Guess what my brother found today!
  8. Looks good Yasin! Good thing you know someone with a grab bag of R200s laying around, lol.
  9. Had to stop here due to a slipping clutch...
  10. Kameari*** Thanks Jeff 832-892-1782
  11. Yup, tends to happen with boost. 3100 ish with me in it.
  12. Hello HybridZ! Been a good while since I have been on. I recently went to the drag strip with my RB25 powered 95 240sx. I know it is not a Z car but I currently dont have one to tinker with so I thought I would just take a moment to share the RB's potential! This is a ALL FACTORY rb25det with a few bolt on's... 62mm turbo on an eBay manifold MAXED out nismo 740cc injectors (E85) FReddy intake Custom Downpipe and exhaust. 24x12x3 core FMIC AEM engine management (self tuned) Aeromotive 340lph stealth pump 50 shot activated by ECU
  13. Running a series 2 with the AEM PnP in an S14 with a wiring specialties harness. Drive the car everyday on E85. Car made 458whp on 18psi with stock cams. I am very happy. I had to use the AEM cas wheel in a Z32 cas as not all RB cas's have removable pickup wheels.
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