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  1. There is a dent on the chrome trim ring on one of the rear wheels, and since it happened while getting new tires installed they wound up paying for a whole new set of different wheels as these SportMax wheels are no longer available. If your interested in purchasing the wheels in this thread let me know. Must pick up in SoCal area.
  2. Bartman

    1973 240Z with Chevy V8 - Monguuz

    The original LT1 engine , T-56 Transmission, and Q45 VLSD are still going strong in my car!
  3. I'm replacing all my rear studs with ARP. I agree torque settings are specific to the strength of the studs themselves and just need to determine the best torque based on these studs. According to ARP it looks like they support at least 98 ft/lbs http://arpinstructions.com/generaltorque.html with the caveat of using their fastener lubricant. 90 may have been to high for Ichiba, but maybe not for ARP.
  4. I don't use FSM spec's as my wheels are much larger than stock (275/35 18). I've done some investigation on wheel stud torque values, and as expected there are different values from different sources. It looks like SAE recommendation for 12mm wheel studs is 85 ft/lbs plus or minus 5.
  5. I agree the metallurgy looks bad, and will likely replace all my studs with ARP. I do all my own work using 5/8" spacers, and tighten by hand with a torque wrench at 90#. Is this too high?
  6. I've been using Ichiba extended wheel studs since 2007. To my surprise one broke as I was reinstalling my wheels after purchasing new tires. These were installed on the back of my 73 240Z and I was running 18x9.5 wheels. It wasn't even close to proper torque settings and now I'm concerned about the safety of the remaining studs. Anyone else have wheel stud failures?
  7. Bartman

    StanceParts Air Cups

    Just returning the favor (moonbeam kit)
  8. Anyone here running Stanceparts air cups? Seems like a good idea to allow a low ride height and still have the ability to raise the car for obstacles, towing, etc. There is a video of this kit installed on a 240Z at the product website stanceparts.com. You normally ride without any air in the cups, so they claim it doesn't affect the handling of the car at all.
  9. Bartman

    Carbon Signal JG Spec Moonbeam kit ( 8/100)

    Following. I've already contacted them for a kit for my car as well.
  10. If anyone is going I will be there with my 240Z in booth 910. Group Z has their own booth as well. January 27 -29 at the LA Convention Center www.theclassicautoshow.com
  11. Bartman

    Turbo Meister's TT SBC 240 Z

    Wow, glad you are okay. The Z looks like it will be better than ever!
  12. Bartman

    Door seals weatherstrip, I found a set that works

    I just ordered from the eBay account referenced in the original post. Hopefully it works well for me as well.
  13. Bartman

    Dapper Lighting RetroSET System

    bens1088, I've been doing some investigation on using LED bulbs in reflective housings, and almost everything I find warns against this and recommends only using them in projector housings. Just trying to get to the bottom of what seems to be conflicting information.
  14. Bartman

    WTB - Hazard Switch Washer for 73 240Z

    Item received!