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  1. Dang dude!!!! That is awesome! So glad to see this coming to a head for you, it looks way clean on the interior!
  2. dang man your metal shaping skills make me want to learn bad! What are the lines for? Just to help see where your bends are?
  3. Yeah I'm sure you'll be able to take it off. IF anything take a razor blade and angle it and slide it on the glass. If you have tint you could cut it so that may not be a good idea but if it's tint free that will work well! Just don't dig into the glass.
  4. Dude, awesome updates! Glad to see it's back on the road, keep on tinkering and get it to where you want it! I am very jealous ha
  5. Well said @Ironhead! good things to think about.
  6. I suppose it's more for strength huh? I was thinking it was a full sequential but watching the video you're still shifting in a pattern.
  7. ah that explains it, forgot about that!! How are you liking it?? Have you seen a dramatic improvement in your lap times?
  8. That sounds gnarly, Did I miss something? Do you have a supercharger now??
  9. Is that a jig for your oil pan to prevent warping? @Jethoncho
  10. Man congrats on the first start! Such a nice feeling, you're so close to driving it again!! As far as timing goes, I know nothing so all I can do is cheer you on from the sidelines! What is your social handle?
  11. oh interesting! Are you going to solid mount that or use some bushings? I could see that being much easier to drop in than what I'm doing (same motor mounts and I just built new mounts on the new engine) ha. Lining up the bolts is a pain for me!
  12. Ah smart! And that's a good idea. I double flared -6AN fittings on mine (except for the last joint where teh tool stopped working for me and I'm stuck there until I buy a new tool ha). So are you done with the lines?
  13. What does your engine cradle look like? Is it one of those that bolt up in between the tranny and engine and are basically a big sheet of metal?
  14. Yeah man get at it! I will say, even on the 240z the fuel lines were a pain. They would've been easy if I took out the rear diff/mounts/etc. but with that all in there I had to guess a bit on angles and length of bends. It turned out all right though, definitely some margin room thankfully. I'm getting my rolll cage painted today so I'll have to upload some soon and we can keep this motivation moving!
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