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  1. All that work is looking pretty solid! Great job on the fuel door stuff. I never even considered you'd need to do that ha. With the bumper indent, do you now just grind those welds down? Also, how do you weld al that without warping? Do you just have to do a tiny bit and then come back later over and over?
  2. Whoa I'm very interested to see the final product, those cutouts/flare things look pretty sweet!
  3. haha moving along faster than I am at this point. Bought a new house that's one giant project and all of my free time goes to remodeling. It pays off in the long run but it's a killer to my social life and hobbies ha.
  4. Dang I have always wanted to commute via bike but never been close enough to do it. My drive is 50 minutes of freeway so yeah I'm not about to do that ha. Saving all that money and buying car parts will be so rad! I would love a new Jimny, those things are so sick! Such a bummer they're not in the states. Are you down there to teach at a school I'm assuming?
  5. Hey man, how is Mexico? How long will you be living there? Did you take the Z?
  6. Dude this kind of bodywork is incomprehensible to me. You're just building the entire fender ha.
  7. that video is awesome! I bet that is a lot of fun to drive, it's going to be so cool to have it finished and just enjoy it again!
  8. Dang man it looks awesome! I'm stoked you're getting back on the road! I'm interested to see how the turbo ends up treating you!
  9. Great work as always man! Keep that up! I want to get back to working on my Z. We are selling our house and buying a fixer upper so it might be stagnant for a few months while I finish that up. I'll rely on you for inspiration!
  10. Thanks for sharing that link, that may prove to be super helpful! As far as the ECU, it is the stock ECU but I plan on upgrading at some point so no worries. And unfortunately I'm not sure. It was pulled from a 240sx and has had all the identifying parts (that I know of) replaced with aftermarket parts. But I figure at that point it doesn't really matter regardless, does it?
  11. Unfortunately not yet. I've been focusing on getting a few house projects finished. Moving forward I attached everything I could find a port for and I'll try to start it and just see what codes pop up. I'm thinking they are things that were deleted by the engine's PO but I'll find out for sure at that point. Once I get it narrowed down I plan on marking the unused ports and then rebuilding the harness to fit correctly while also getting rid of any excess plugs.
  12. I never got any specific answers as to why but I can upload things now. I think I was able to a few days later if I remember correctly.
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