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  1. Man, I love your updates! Hopefully with winter here we'll see more of them!
  2. The sad truth. I keep at it because I like to share the knowledge I've gained in a way that hopefully helps but it definitely isn't the way to win a popularity contest haha.
  3. No problem Boosted! I was hoping it would be a valuable thread to people moving forward.
  4. Every time I look at your posts you feel me with envy for your talents! Those look AWESOME!
  5. Dude those look awesome! When are you installing them??
  6. Holy balls that looks good! I also wouldn't mind coming to check it out!
  7. Dang that looks sick!! Did he polish those pieces up or did they come out of paint like that?
  8. You're such a tease! I can't wait to see the finished car! This is in SLC, right?
  9. Man it's all looking so good! Did you MIG your doors or TIG them?
  10. Yeah I think with the lizard skin stuff and you putting the interior back together it wouldn't be worth it to have them do the inside. That car is going to look great!
  11. dang getting close! They are zooming along! That stuff took me forever to do! Is it tacky of me to ask how much you're paying? I'd like to get a re spray one day after I finish all the crap on mine (Like I should've done in the first place ha).
  12. Those 3d Canards are sweet! What 3D scanner do you guys use to do all the scans?
  13. Thank you, I was coming up short! This is great info! What a compilation of pictures! This was especially helpful to visualize how people tie in the front strut towers to the rocker panels inside the front fender panels! I think most everything else I've done with my cage, it's pretty extensive. This has all been helpful to help me visualize it all, thanks again to you both!
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