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  1. I'd say so, like night and day! 10 months is dang long, why did it take so long?
  2. Hey man, congrats on the retirement from the USMC! And you're only 23 minutes from Pike's Peak, rock on!
  3. Dang look at that! It looks very clean! I really like your cam cover, subtle and stylish! The choice of just black and silver overall looks really good!
  4. Both concepts (one being the concept of drag while the fluid is being pushed through. The other being the concept that there isn't much drag in the lines as the fluid doesn't move enough.) make sense that either could be correct. I'll test it out as I already bent them all into place without focusing on a center point and I'll share my own personal results!
  5. That suspension setup is dang sick!! I'm looking forward to seeing this all done!
  6. Have you already installed the ZXT engine?
  7. I just tried again on my work computer, so different computer and no firewall or anything. Still having the same issue. Is anyone else having this problem?
  8. Does anyone know if the albums are down today? I've been trying to upload all day but to no avail. They upload then when I click to "Submit All Images" it goes to a blank screen and that's it. Any ideas?
  9. Well thank you for all the service you give our country, I'm grateful for everything you and the rest of the armed forces do out there. I think people forget how much they owe the military and what it really means to have freedom in our country. Thanks for doing the world's toughest job! I guess keep me updated on how it goes and be safe in the middle east!
  10. hmm interesting. I bought some wide ZG flares (The standard flares, but wider) off of ebay a while back and fit them to my Z myself just by laying them on, no fitment issues. Maybe the key word here might be *Perfectly* fitting haha.
  11. No worries, it makes sense in any other application that this wouldn't be a good idea to do. Interesting, you would think the pressure would be uniform throughout the plumbing regardless, but that is really good insight! I will probably have to run these lines for a bit and buy a new bit of brake line soon so I will keep a careful eye on that happening!
  12. interesting! I am curious if Fiberglass Mafia is JPN Garage rebranded? I am also curious is EZ Splitters is part of that umbrella. Does your friend like the fitment?
  13. Does anyone know if Fiberglass Mafia is JPN Garage just rebranded? Also, is EZ Splitters under that umbrella as well? I've seen the same products on all 3 sites so I'm curious.
  14. https://ezsplitters.com/product/datsun-s30-240z-260z-280z-z-speed-widebody-fender-flares/ Here is another brand selling them for $50 cheaper, they also have the exact same product images ha.
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