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  1. I never replied, thanks for the info! I'm going to have to download that and learn how to use it when I get my Z running! Awesome!
  2. Man! That is one of those things that if I tried doing it, it would stop the progress of my car indefinitely ha. Great job!
  3. Dang! Those are clean, I'm surprised I've never heard of ZStory before. That exhaust setup looks so clean! I'd be down but I already have a 3" exhaust and he'd also have to make an RB version, which probably isn't yet worth it to him.
  4. @winstonusmc I found what I think is your YouTube channel randomly, is this you? also, what tuning software are you using?
  5. Man it's turning out awesome! I'm jealous of all that CF! also, great job turning those axles, good as new!
  6. Man I'm happy to finally see some pics of someone actually going through this process, thanks for the great documentation! It all looks great! Are you going to swap the fins on the shallow pan to be the opposite direction? Or did you already do that?
  7. It doesn't even look like you flipped it, awesome job! I'm impressed for sure! Also, where did you get that huge aluminum chunk?
  8. this all looks great man! Great job on the technicalities of getting your coils to work! I'm looking forward to watching you make more progress!
  9. Post up pics when you get it! I'd love to see what it looks like! I restored mine and I'm pretty happy with the results but I'm not even sure I'll use it moving forward ha, we'll see! man I am so jealous! I can't wait to start going through my suspension pieces! T3 makes some superb stuff, share some pics of yours when you get a chance!
  10. Hey All, I'm hoping to pick up a stock RB25 driveshaft, anybody out there with one lying around? Message me, thanks.
  11. Interesting! I figured out a big part of my problem was just leveling out the engine/tranny. After I got it more level it goes farther back thankfully! I believe I have the RB25DET, I need to pull out the pics or the tranny but from memory that matches up with the pics. Very helpful info!
  12. Also, I talked to @stony about his old RB swap via FB and he shared this with me : "I have to see a picture of the pan again but I believe the bigger part of the sump needs to be level and then the shallow part of the pan has a tilt to it. I've actually seen people mount the RB straight up and down with no issues I believe they put a drain in the back of the head though" I thought that was interesting and good info. Also, @winstonusmc, I measured the pan based off what stony said and it was 11 degrees, you were pretty spot on!
  13. If anyone is reading this later, I also verified the angled engine question in this thread: You can see that two of the users in that thread posted pictures of their under engines that verify the angle towards the driver's side. Thanks again everybody!
  14. That sucks, I agree with LanceVance, not a total loss yet but that still is lame
  15. I can imagine the digital gauges that have popped up in recent years must be a lot better/easier to use than the old tools! Thanks for the tip, i'll look into getting one
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