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  1. Actually, what did you do with the hole in the filler neck? Just plug it up?
  2. How was the hill climb?? I read that there was a motorcyclist who died during it this year, pretty sad but at least he died doing something he loved.
  3. Hey I don't know the exact color you posted but it looks a lot like the Mazda Red, or just a candy apple red in my opinion. It is a sexy color!
  4. Thanks for the points! That's smart, I plan on eventually getting larger brakes for both front and back, maybe I'll grab a smaller temp MC and take the 1" off and keep the two smaller MCs. Either that or I'll just do 3 months of leg days ha.
  5. Awesome!! I just read through it, that seems like a solid alternative to just deleting the vapor tank.
  6. Interesting, that’s the first I’ve heard of one of these! Is this what you’re talking about? https://m.autozone.com/collision-body-parts-and-hardware/fuel-tank-vent-valve/dorman-fuel-tank-vent-valve-911-738/honda/civic/907762_0_0?aqs=
  7. Hey @5thgenluder, I can’t find details on this in the thread: how did you block off the evap tank? Did you just connect the lines to each other? And what did you do with the filler neck hole? Any problems with fuel overall?
  8. @tube80z thanks for all that info! I decided on 1” front MC and 7/8” rear, I’ll decide how much I like it but I think it will feel nice! I actually just finished my setup today, I just need to attach the pedal to the MCs now! I’ll post pics of my setup, I’m happy with it so far and I’m hoping I got the clearances all correct
  9. I'd say so, like night and day! 10 months is dang long, why did it take so long?
  10. Hey man, congrats on the retirement from the USMC! And you're only 23 minutes from Pike's Peak, rock on!
  11. Dang look at that! It looks very clean! I really like your cam cover, subtle and stylish! The choice of just black and silver overall looks really good!
  12. Both concepts (one being the concept of drag while the fluid is being pushed through. The other being the concept that there isn't much drag in the lines as the fluid doesn't move enough.) make sense that either could be correct. I'll test it out as I already bent them all into place without focusing on a center point and I'll share my own personal results!
  13. That suspension setup is dang sick!! I'm looking forward to seeing this all done!
  14. Have you already installed the ZXT engine?
  15. I just tried again on my work computer, so different computer and no firewall or anything. Still having the same issue. Is anyone else having this problem?
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