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  1. Dime Dave

    Silvermine R180 Stub Axles?

    I don't post here often, but as owner of FutoFab I thought I would chime in about the FutoFab STi conversion stub axles. FutoFab purchased the WCR stock after Todd Walrich passed. Part of this stock included the Beta Motorsports / John Williams designed stub axles. We also heard about breakage issues on those axles and decided if we were to carry on with STi stub axles, they would be made by a driveline shop from axle forgings, not machined from billet stock. We felt using an axle forging for our stub axles would improve the quality in 2 key areas. 1) The flange being forged onto the shaft allows the grain of the steel to "flow" into the flange rather than be cut as it would be when machined from a billet. 2) The heat treating on our forgings is done to the shaft only. Heat treatment penetrates roughly .20" to .25" into the surface of the metal. The treatment depth leaves the core of the shaft untreated, making it more flexible. While heat treating adds strength, it also makes steel more brittle. Because heat treatment will fully penetrate the thinner flanges, we prefer to use forgings with untreated flanges. Since we have changed to using forged shafts, we have not had a failure reported to us. Dave Patten, Owner
  2. In the Fall of 2015 FutoFab, LLC acquired the parts stock and business assets of Wolf Creek Racing (WCR). In doing so we continued offering the WRX STi conversion stub axles and the WCR CV axle kits. The WCR purchase gave us the opportunity to make improvements on the Beta Motorsports STi stub axles that WCR sold, especially with some of the durability issues that had come to light. The FutoFab WRX STi conversion stub axles are made from heat treated forgings, not machined from a billet of alloy steel as the prior WCR/Beta Motorsport stubs were. Using the forging process to create the flange, the grain of the steel is deformed to flow into the flange. When the flanges are made by machining material away, the grain is cut. By using forgings it makes for a stronger and more durable axle stub. Our forgings are also heat treated to a Rockwell hardness of 50-55 prior to final machining. We have confirmed, thru lab testing that this hardness is maintained in our finished product for proper strength and durability. Our stub axles are made by a manufacturer with 25 years of driveline only experience. They specialize in production orders, one off applications and market their own line of custom axles for road, track, off road and rock crawling. The quickest way to identify a FutoFab WRX STi Stub axle is by its round flange. Link for more details: http://www.futofab.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=173:subaru-wrx-sti-conversion-stub-axles&catid=38:datsun-drivetrain&Itemid=122