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  1. +1 on not mixing metals on rotating parts, unless one is intended to be a wear surface (like a bearing), or it’s an activity oiled bearing like the forged cam in the aluminum tower in your head. ME here, but I don’t work in rotating equipment. Mostly process design (oil, gas, and alt. Energy).
  2. Replacing passenger toe panel. Needed to reinforce the area just ahead of the passenger front vertical door Pilar, so I can cut out my rusted frame rail and tie rod box. I’m happy with the results needed this done so I can confidently finish the brake line and fuel line in the tunnel, since it passes the frame rail. Anyone else feel like one thing lead to another... to another... and soon enough it’s 6 months? IMG_5520.MOV
  3. I just purchased one of Derek’s CD00A bellhousings through Godzilla Raceworks last week. Going onto an L28et. Hoping they have one in stock. Looking forward to it!
  4. Some work I did yesterday: IMG_5494.MOV IMG_5493.MOV
  5. Digital fish scale. 600lbs capacity. Assume +-5% error or to within nearest pound, whichever is greater. R200 open diff, no oil, with cover, no stub axles, including front yoke: 70 R180 from Subaru STI w/ helical LSD, no oil or stub axles, with cover and front yoke: 56 280z halfshafts (drive axles), with diff stub axles attached, left and right: 31 280z front diff mount: 3.1
  6. Just got My head back from Steve’s Machine Shop in Azusa, CA. Here are some pictures and specs. Looking forward to getting her on and running. - N42 head as a core - exhaust valve and seats fabricated to 35mm to meet OEM L24 diameter (race spec limited ). N42 came with 38mm exhaust valves - chambers debured, ground and polished - valve seats deshrouded and some clearance added to exhaust valve seat. - ports ground to 1” into runner, and port matched to manifold (race spec limited) - deck machined to a volume of 38.5cc - with gasket volume and a piton-
  7. If you are a technical junkie like I am, you will always be gathering specs on various parts and options. I thought I would get a thread going with my own first-hand measurements as I go along. I bought a 600lb fish scale for this purpose. For the sake of argument, let’s say it is accurate to the nearest pound or 5%, whichever is greater. Weights are in pounds (Lbs) R200 open diff, no oil, with cover, no stub axles, including front yoke: 70 R180 from Subaru STI w/ helical LSD, no oil or stub axles, with cover and front yoke: 56 280z halfshafts (drive axles)
  8. I will have an P90a head in great shape (with hydraulic lifters) available for purchase in April. Off of a running L28et. Might consider new valve oil seals, but otherwise does not require any work.
  9. sorry friend. 250hp on an NA L24E will cost you $10-15k and will not be enjoyable to drive on the street. 300 is impossible NA without NOS. Adapting a turbo will cost you the same on an L24 as it will on an L28. If you really want those power numbers, consider a modern engine swap, an L28et from a 280zx with bolt-on mods and tuning $4000, or throw $5000 at an NA 280z and turbo it.
  10. @clarkspeed yep i think that's what I'm going to do. The passenger side inspection lid cubie is currently occupied by the engine vent and radiator overflow reservoirs, so i just need to relocate them.
  11. In case you would consider FRP over steel, ZTrix Makes them. They can also build them to accept window regulators, doors cards, etc. I just ordered an FRP hatch from them for the race car.
  12. I have yet to meet a shitty Dutch performance part vendor. Koni is Dutch as well. If they had a bigger country, maybe they would make cars too 🤷🏽‍♂️😂
  13. right!? I think the previous owner just wanted to meet the regulation for driver protection and didn’t give much thought to rigidity. @gnosez gave me a lot to think about on tie-rod compression stress on heavy braking with slicks. Il use this point to brace the tie rod box vertically, and il add another reinforcement lower in the car to brace the horizontal flex.
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