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Driveshaft removal, NOT the bolts

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1978 2+2 280z, pulling the driveshaft off to drop the transmission. I got the bolts off (found out my sway bar mount was broken that way too... :/). According to the manuals I'm supposed to pull the driveshaft forward towards the transmission to remove it from the diff side, but it won't move. I don't want to upset the balance by whacking it with a hammer, what else could I do to break it free?

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The center of the yoke has a raised, machined portion that fits in to the machined center of the diff's pinion flange.  It's a tight fit.  Beat on it from two sides with a piece of wood or plastic/dead blow hammer to wiggle it out.  If you use a chisel in the gap make sure to file or grind down the divot you create so that the you have a flat surface when you put it back together.

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