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EO number required for reman or aftermarket AFM ...

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Went to smog my NA-turbo converted 83 280ZX yesterday, tech said he needed an EO number for the AFM.  


The one I got with the motor is a Standard Motor Products reman unit, the sticker is scratched and the only visible number is MF0412S ... I looked it up online there's one on rock auto MF0412 that is the only replacement AFM I can find for the turbo motor. 
It seems this part never had a CARB exemption...  Can't find any information from the manufacturer either. 

It seems the only CA-legal MAF is one with a NISSAN part number on it, as none of the aftermarket have EO exemption for them. 


I have a source for a good Nissan one, just wanted to start discussion on this. 


When I took it to the BAR ref last year to check everything he said it was all OK no problem ... I guess they're getting even more strict with smog lol.
And it seems my cat has been scraping on the ground and the EO number is rubbed off.  Have to get a new CAT ???
I think I'm going to take the car back to skyline & have the REF pass it. 

Sucks cause my car passes emissions just fine and runs exactly like stock.  (just ignore the disconnected boost controller over there) 

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Nope, go back to the Ref with your Smog and get the conversion registered with the sticker in your door. A STOCK replacement part does not come with an EO Number...unless the smogger is implying non-nissan parts require an EO Number...which is BS, and which is why you need to take the "fail" to your Referee.

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I went to the ref at skyline (san bruno) last year and he said NA -> turbo conversion on this car counts as 'engine replacement' due to being available in the same model same year.

Engine 'replacement' does not need a BAR conversion label in California. 

The smog tech I took it to last week said aftermarket OE replacement AFM requires an EO number since this year.  
He didn't even bother testing it, he told me that he was supposed to run the test and fail me for visual but said he'd save me the trouble. 
I told him it was 'aftermarket replacement' maybe he thought it was an upgraded unit?  Its definitely not. 

I was just going to put back a Nissan AFM, set it up nicely with my wideband and take it to skyline.  They generally are easier to deal with than regular smog tech, and know the rules a lot better. 

BAR inspection is free, anyway. 

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