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WTB - 240/260/280 little to no rust - Oklahoma

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I'm looking for my next project car. I intend to do a motor swap so I don't need a running/driving car. My only criteria for the car: little to no rust, no body work required, prefer to have the R200 rear end. I'm open to taking on a car thats currently on a rotisserie if you're able to put the wheels back on to make it a roller.


I'm located in OK but am willing to drive to any of the contiguous states to pick up this project. Please PM me if you have some thing that fits the description.

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That's a pretty good area if I'm remembering correctly. I used to run my 280zx everywhere in Tulsa. No AC and the windows down, the heat from the exhaust rising up. Man, good times. Anyways, I hope you find a good Z to own. If you could always try heading out to cali to get a nice one. My 280zx needs major surgery(ie rust replacement) before it will be good again.

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