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  1. Heat soak shouldn't be that big of an issue but you can help the release of heat by popping the hood to the release point.
  2. I have all the plastic but from a 260z. If your interested let me know.
  3. Interested in the 280z console lamp set w/bulbs, 280z steering column, and 280z mustache bar. Shipping to 85308
  4. I have one in excellent condition
  5. I think I have one from a 73
  6. If i don't get a response from M Motorsport by Saturday its yours.
  7. I have one its 8 1/2" across. May be from a 280z $20 + shipping
  8. I have 3. 2 are stamped N33 and one is n47. Make an offer..
  9. I have a couple of them. Do you have a part# or one stamped on yours?
  10. Found this, Has scratches on it. I think the part # is 78806 RH
  11. http://imgur.com/a/PCkwZ link for pics to rear interior 1/4 panel. It has a some small scratches, no rips, tears or any other damage.
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