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Male/Female quick disconnects on 240 fusible link to starter

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Ok, I wish to replace the fusible link from the passenger side rail to the starter in an early 240z.  I have the harness side intact.  I do not have the link.  The quick disconnect is a latchable plastic holder with one male blade on the body side and a matching female on the link to the starter.  That blade is an unusual size.  I believe it is something in the order of 10 or 10.mm.


Does anyone know where I might find these connectors and latch "box"?


I am not interested in purchasing a complete fusible link: only male/female/and plastic connector.  With these connectors, I expect to wire a relay/breaker/fuse box without sacrificing the body loom.









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First try search I got this:




Also, search for Dave the headlight harness guy (vendor section). He is the most informed member on Z electrical equipment  I am aware of and may have sources for the connectors you seek.


Keep searching as I recall threads on sourcing connectors within the last two years e.g.,



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