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Osiris Uprev VQ35 KB

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Unless I am missing something, there doesn't seem to be a lot of data about the Osiris Uprev VQ35HR or DE support, especially for stand-alone installs.

I'm gonna drop this here and let's see what happens.


A problem I have had is trying to get the ECU to successfully command idle RPM.

I have a Tuner license and cable and tried just about everything but stuck at around 1250RPM idle.


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No current codes. But we disable most of those in OSIRIS to make it all work in a raw standalone application. I previously got a P2135 and swapped to a spare right throttle body which fixed the P2135 but it doesn't idle well with the spare TB.


So I got 2 brandy new TBs and still idles weird and won't do what the targets in OSIRIS are commanding.


So for fun I re-enabled the throttle closed learning and a bunch of other functions and tried to do the Learn feature but it doesn't seem to take it.


Maybe just how it has to be

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Whoa sorry I didn't see this.


What kinda of intake tubes are you running?  Injectors? MAF Sensors (Hopefully they are PMAS)? Is yours a DE or a HR?  


If you are NOT running stock intake tubes, then you need to work with your MAF Scalar tables.  So long as your K-Fuel Multiplier is right, then you should do some MAF table tuning.


The easiest way of checking is this is to let the car run and idle, make sure your fuel comp tables are set to 100, and after it warms up log your MAFs (B1 and B2 if you are a HR), AFR Target, AFRs (B1, B2), and your Correction (B1, B2).  


MAFs, and O2's should read pretty close to one another, and correction should be somewhere +/- 5. 


Check all this and report back

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