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How do I fix my bumper?

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Hey guys,

I have my 240z stripped all the way down and working on fixing some body issues before rebuild. I have replaced the roof skin as I had an aftermarket sunroof and wanted a slicktop. I'm wondering if I need to replace the entire section of the rear bumper/valance that goes all the way up to the hatch or just cut and patch the damaged portion. I don't have any experience with body work so not sure what the best approach would be. There is a very small ripple in the floor of the hatch and the very end of the frame rail has a little wow in it. Also looks like the right taillight frame is slightly bent. See pics. Thanks in advance! Cheers!










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Would you be apposed to hiring someone to do some frame work? (as a bodyman) id suggest getting a pull done first. Even if you do section out the damaged/kinked areas, pulling the damage first can help with new part alignment and possible hidden damage/indirect damage.


EDIT: I think most of it is repairable, with maybe a section of the frame rail being replaced.  

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