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EZ Wiring Datsun Ignition Switch (no harness)

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Hello my fellow Datsuneers,


I am trying to plug in my EZ wiring harness to the ignition switch in my Datsun 240z.  The problem is, I don't know what wire should go to the resistor tab.  Any clarifications on what wires go to what specific contact point on the back of the switch?  Telling me the wire colors is not going to help as I have no original wires from the Datsun left.  Just the 5 prongs on the back of the switch that I need to connect the EZ wiring harness to.


Any help?

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but I need the pins labeled as to what wire goes where.  Since I am using a aftermarket wiring harness, the original wire colors will not help me. I talked with a guy at EZ Wiring and he said to just ignore the resistor pin and plug the rest of the wires to where they need to go. 


Am I going to be okay without plugging into the resistor pin?


Also, there are two wires hanging separately right next to the ignition.  What do they connect to?

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I used the 12 circuit kit. The factory sw bypass the resister on the coil when you're starting the car. So the pin only activate when the key is in start position. If you are not using a resister it doesn't matter. If you do I think the "Coil" wire can be connected to that. I'm using the MSD ignition so I didn't use it. The other 2 wires are closed when the key is inserted so you get the annoying beeping sound when you did not remove the key and the car is off.

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