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  1. Exposed

    Speed Forme Kit

    what specs did you end up running on your wheels? I have some speed forme flares and haven't had a chance to fit them up yet. Anything you disliked about the kit when installing it?
  2. Exposed

    seattlejester's 1971 240Z

    that tank is a good idea, looks like it was meant to be there. I need to either clean out my current tank or repair/ replace it, was having a similar issue when the car was on the road. What year camaro is that from?
  3. Exposed

    1.2JZ into a 280Z build.

    are you welding that in? how close to the firewall will the engine sit?
  4. just went through the build, great job!👍 I just started plugging away at removing some rust on my Z this winter and it already looks like my front rails need to be removed.
  5. Exposed

    Exposed's 1jz Build

    Thanks! was thinking of cutting most of the front end out and bead rolling some more pieces to toss in there. Just need to find some time.
  6. Exposed

    Exposed's 1jz Build

    had a day off over the holidays I ended up pulling most of the front end apart and managed to fab up a couple patch panels.
  7. Exposed

    Exposed's 1jz Build

    Havent posted in a while so here's a bit of an update. After finishing the rear flares I ended up driving the car for the remainder of the summer and was orginally planning of doing the front flares this winter. Long story short I've decided I'm going to pull the car completely apart again and fix all the "little" things that have been bugging me. The current plan is to weld up all the extra holes in the fire wall, address any rust I find, fix up my panel gaps, then try finishing up with a new intake plenum and possibly some air suspension. Kicking myself in the ass for not doing it sooner. The gap between my door and rocker panel that the previous owner(s)? did is pretty rough, I'll be honest a little worried to see whats behind it. Was looking at either getting a replacement from Tabco or getting one bent up.
  8. Exposed

    Exposed's 1jz Build

    Sorry I completely forgot to do that 😅. Will get that for you late today.
  9. Exposed

    Exposed's 1jz Build

    Ended up stretching the flares out, I think it looks a lot better than it did and am pretty please with how it came out. Now to start gathering parts for my fuel system upgrade.
  10. Exposed

    2jzge swap in progress

    have to agree with grannyknot, give the fabbing a chance. Plan a lot before doing any fabbing, grab some cardboard and make your first template see how it goes. Once you think you have all the issues solved transfer your template to metal.
  11. Exposed

    Exposed's 1jz Build

    @softopz ended up making 300whp and torque was at 280, that was at 6500rpm. I was limited due to my fuel system, it'll be one of the next things upgraded. @Ereschkigal @seattlejester thanks for the feedback, shortly after taking those pictures I ended up pulling the fenders further away from the body of the car in order to lengthen them a bit. I like how they sit a little better, i'll need to see if they hit or pass that body line a bit later today. The non circular flares were bugging me they just didn't look right, ended up cutting them up going to be attempting to make them more circular.
  12. Exposed

    Exposed's 1jz Build

    Got my car back from the tuners! Happy with the numbers considering everything i found out. Starting my fenders. Looking for some honest feedback and opinions. couple things right off the bat that i dislike and im sure ill revise the design of the fenders abit.
  13. Exposed

    Exposed's 1jz Build

    found the causes of the weak spark, it turned out to be due to using two different brand harnesses, and one of the harnesses had one incorrect pin for the ignition system, the second reason was due to the igniter needing a better ground. The car is running but i need to upgrade my fuel pump now.
  14. Exposed

    Exposed's 1jz Build

    I'll ask the shop to check the gap on my plugs, coils are less than a year old, I double checked them before I sent the car to the tuner but I'll ask them to check this as well. They're thinking its the wiring pin out, upon searching for some answers I think I may have found something. I purchased my harness from wiring specialties roughly two years ago, I found a video on youtube from wiring specialties titled "repinning Jz connector" that was posted a year ago. I contacted them and they said that the video applys to "the first couple of harnesses had ignition pin off by 1 pin. If the car ran, you are all good." I figure it doesnt hurt to check. I also asked the tuner about just switching out for smart coils, he recommended finding whats causing the issue before switching them out though. Appreciate the speedy response Geno. @Geno750 where did you get your AEM coil plate from?