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  1. @Jboogsthethug I honestly would have left the car as it was if it wasnt for all the rust inside of the frame rails. I cannot wait to have this thing back on the road. As soon as this one is finished Ill start another 😅
  2. @Zetsaz your post has so much knowledge, i agree completely. Avoid chasing power and enjoy the car. @Rinna98 Welcome to the forums! look forward to following your build
  3. great job on the fabrication! What thickness of aluminum did you end up going with?
  4. had some time this weekend pulled the engine out hopefully for the last time. With the engine pulled I had alot more space to patch some of the rust. Going to start patching up the firewall covering up some of the holes I wont be needing. Glad with all the progress I've made this far, cannot wait to have it finished!
  5. Looking for help isnt always the easiest thing to do, good job on seaking some! What pump are you going to be running? I'm looking at redoing my fuel system as well this winter/spring but still in the planning stages. I had picked up a Bosch 044 and didnt really want to swap it out for something else. Are you going to be running the stock fuel level unit?
  6. Welcome to the forums! @Huntziilla -Was the engines compression checked? Youll need a rear sump because of the front cross member. Are you dead set on going with the R154? Have you considered any other transmissions that may be cheaper? -When I swapped my 1jz into my 72 the only specialty tool I used was an engine hoist. -Are you planning on making your own engine mount? Up in Canada you can find an almost identical Jaguar mount at princess auto, which I beleive is similar to habour freight, and they sell for about $10.00 CAD for two. -Looking at the link it looks like the engine wiring harness is there. Cannot see if its cut anywhere though. Hopefully someone can correct me if im wrong here but I would look at getting the ignitor and Map sensor included with the engine. I know when I purchased my 1jz it wasnt included and I did require it. -While the engine is out depending on mileage, I would probably open up the valve covers and look inside of the oil pan just to see how everything is looking. I'd change the belts and potentially do the water pump at the same time. Still waiting on picture of your car!!
  7. @HuD 91gt I'm glad to hear that Im not the only one in this boat.
  8. @walkerbk 👍 thanks for the link, Ill check them out. Im dreading the wiring again 😅, wishing I had done it well enough the first time.
  9. Awhile back I made the panels that attached to the hood hinge, when I bead rolled them I didnt account for the shape of the hinges so when I mounted the hood hinge it over top of part of the bead roll design. Normally I would just leave it but for some reason its been bugging...the old lady says im crazy. Ended up make "version 2" of that patch panel and I think Im happy enough with how it came out. Started working on the cold side piping for the intercooler as well. I ended up printing out some pie cuts to see what type of centerline radius would fit best, ended up using a CL radius of 3.5". If anyone needs any STL or gcodes on pie cuts let me know! Been looking at electrical connectors and I've seen people using Mil Spec, does anyone have any other recommendations?
  10. I have to agree with idahoskiguy, for the pictures posted I cannot see the car being worth 8500. I can only imagine what is under the paint.
  11. @LLave 😂 its funny how that always seems to be the case
  12. starting to come together again! After this past week I've been motivated to get it finishe d, still plugging away on some filler panels. Lined up the fender and headlight bucket, needs a bit of fine tuning but luckily I'm not the pickiest person in the world. Would be nice to have it on the road by spring.
  13. Made a mistake on the bead roll 😅, Ill need to remake that panel if I cant correct it.
  14. Started forming the sheet metal to cover the wheel on the passenger side.
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