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  1. Had a bit of time on my hands two weeks ago, had been waiting on the old ladies water to break. I have a headlight bucket that has seen better days, decided to try something different out, I couldn't source anything newer. Current prototype print is PLA settings are 210 at the nozzle and 60 at the bed. 20191125_235035.mp4 also got a bit more practice laying some beads as well, this is for a 59 chevy.
  2. finished up the passenger side end tank and also finished the upper radiator hose connection. I 3d printed a couple dies for my bead roller and put a bead on a piece of 1.5" dia. tube, tube was cut from 90.
  3. Yes I crossed over while in the trans tunnel, will probably do the same thing when I get to that point. Currently have the entire setup done with soft lines and brackets.
  4. i ran my lines near the top of the trans tunnel then routed them to the "cold" side of the engine. When I redo them again Ill probably build a heat sheild with a bulkhead connector
  5. finally found some time to begin working on one of the intercooler end tanks, mocked it up in CAD before starting, then got to work.
  6. might be different for the 2jz but on my 1jz I still had my soarer igniter when I swapped coils. Everything worked well while I had the stock ECU. Everything remained the same once I swapped out the ecu for an AEM infinity. Hopefully someone with more knowledge is able to chime in.
  7. any build pictures? Looks like a good looking car.
  8. @Zetsaz yup, that's awesome
  9. I'm really happy with the way my current build is going, don't think I have a "dream build" though. Everything I've wanted to do I've began or started to brain storm ways to achieve it, the down side to this is the Z is NEVER going to be finished. I guess I just like trying new things and I enjoy seeing a genuine reaction on someones face when they see the car. After this one is "done" i think I'm going to be looking for a Cummins engine out of a dodge ram and possibly tinker with the Idea of AWD. Always thought it would be cool to see a stock looking Z ripping around with a turbo diesel.
  10. @HuD 91gt it felt like a life time. Hoping to find some time this weekend to plug away on the end tanks.
  11. lol I think it took me 4 hours, that includes farting around on some other stuff. Ended up cutting off the end tanks on the intercooler and started my cardboard template.
  12. one side of the plumbing is almost done.
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