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  1. @toolman great job on the pie cuts! Looking forward to seeing the finished product
  2. thanks everyone! appreciate the words. @AydinZ71I had a lot of it, just need to hammer and dolly it.
  3. Finished the driver side rear wheel well.
  4. ace race is good, stainless bros are also good. I always use one of these two.
  5. @AydinZ71 all mild steel, just ground down some of the welds for now. Still need to hammer them out but limited on time at the moment. @NelsonianThanks! Hopefully start the other side in the next couple weeks. Glad to see everything finally coming together though.
  6. great progress so far. I just did the passenger side door jambs as well, starting the driver side shortly
  7. Excited to follow the build! Any pictures?
  8. Slow progress but any is better than none. Hammered out the passenger side rear. Still need to do some trimming but its better than how it was. Need to finish up the passenger side rear quater then weld them to the back.
  9. Great job on the progress! gave me some more motivation to work on mine. Glad to know the new panel was such a great fit.
  10. rear out came out nicely, where did you guys buy your replacement panel from? I started making one this weekend but works gotten abit to busy was thinking I might buy one.
  11. After fitting the rear quarter panel on the driver side I didn't like how the rear dog leg was aligning so I decided to cut it off and remake a new one. I ended up making the radius section a little more defined the second time around.
  12. @AydinZ71 ya typically ill do a paper template, tape it all over the car and if I like it I'll either make a wood or wire buck.
  13. @AydinZ71 Saw your build its coming along nicely. Can't wait until the rust is all gone. I'm going to need to do some research to see how I'll tube the back.
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