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  1. great progress, how are you mounting your new lights?
  2. great progress, really enjoy following this build. How much longer is the Gnose front end from the orginal?
  3. I probably should have posted the process but hes a quick break down. Dont know if this is the correct way of doing this but it seems to work for me. 1 -Identify the area and take measurements so it can be similar to the other side. 2 -mark out your design, try to plan out the steps so you arent remaking a panel because you put an indent on the wrong side. 3 -put the design into the panel using whatever tools you have a your disposal (hammer & dolly, bead roller, resip hammer, etc) 4 -remember you didnt account for the stretching that was going to take place and now you have to hammer and dolly your panel straight again. Some of this hammer and dolly work could have been eliminated if I calculated prestretch required 5 -using your patch panel as a template, scribe around the edges and begin cutting. I try to leave 0.125" from the scribe line and finish it with snips 6 -tack the edges 7 -begin welding. I like to use tig for this and I try to run a bead without stopping. It warps alot. 8 -hammer and dolly or use a planishing hammer to flatten out the welds, go over the entire welded area with a wide faced hammer/ slapper and try to finish the panel as best as you can.
  4. found an audi at the scrap yard that had most of its fuel door latch intact. Latch system looks . Modified it abit but managed to get opening and closing. Still need to clean up the filler area, gap and reinforce the fuel door.
  5. Making the fuel door opening. Will need to place a backer on the door and some type of latching system.
  6. @fusion ball peen hammer, chisel, sandbag and dolly
  7. @Zetsaz @TUME @Dat73z Thanks guys, was thinking of running 5mm @Jboogsthethug Ya I'm liking how its coming out, only thing I dont like is how many peices I made it in. Might redo it one more time and try 2 or 3 sections instead
  8. coming along slowly still. Whats everyone have for body panel gaps, 5mm?
  9. @Jboogsthethugim just winging it lol. Longest project ive ever started, couple days a month. fingers crossed im done in 2030
  10. hopefully I wont need as much filler as the last guys 😅
  11. Small update from this weekend. Passenger side is getting welded up. Having some issues with symmetry but think I'm going to just leave it as is and run with it.
  12. Couple more pictures from last weekend. Planning on tackling the door in the next week or so.
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