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  1. I had a similar issue with the roof, I did the following. -pushed it up from the inside, because the metal is already stretched it'll have a lot of flex it to. -once its pushed up I would hammer and dolley the areas surronding the dent to smooth everything out. -you'd be stretching the metal more so it'll have a tin can sound to it, you'll need to shrink the metal back -continue to hammer and dolley until your happy with the end result If anyone has anything to add to the above please do so.
  2. @seattlejester Yes I've noticed no matter what method is used you still need to hammer and dolley the panel. After the door was fully welded (mig) it sucked out a bit, I've been using a dolley to put it back in place but havent had enough shop time to fully finish it.
  3. I didnt have any gas for the tig, I would have prefered to practice with the tig though. Need to be carefull of the heat when welding though. Going to hopefully grab some gas this week and weld the inside of the door with the tig.
  4. Steering rack was assembled, very pleased with the colours.
  5. After a lot of fooling around Im pleased with the door gap, will probably need to make some minor adjustments to the body line at the bottom but thats for a later date. Front needs to be adjusted
  6. Good job on the paints, great write up on everything as well. Cant wait to see this thing finished!
  7. Im all over the map on this thing but just got some parts coated, front end of the suspension is all done up.
  8. @Jboogsthethug going to give that a try @seattlejester Yes I was considering doing that, Ill probably end up doing it and see what I run into next. Worst case I reweld the part I just cut off and start again. Hopefully in doing that it corrects the front quarter from being pushed out to far.
  9. Managed to remove the inner rocker today and set it in place, have it held with clamps at the moment. Running into a bit of a dilemma now. When I set the new outter rocker panel (tabco) I have a choice to either line up the back indentation with the rear quater or line the front indentation with the front quarter panel. If I line the rear up I get pretty good fitment except the front quarter is push out a lot, Ill also need to make a releif cut along my dotted line in the rear drop it 4mm +/-. Here is the front not lined up with the indentation, its a fairly nice gap but the bolt holes dont line up and the front quarter is a lot forward. Was thinking maybe I should just redrill and toss some bolts in, not to sure how exactly I would fix getting both panels to line up. . Heres what lining up the front indentation looks like, I also still have the same problem, the front quarter is pushed out. Any suggestions on how to fix this?
  10. going to start on the inner rocker panel next, hopefully have it finished this upcoming weekend.
  11. So much rust, so many patch panels
  12. I started removing the old rocker and replaced it with the new one. I was thinking of drilling holes in it just to plug weld it back to the car. Does anyone have any suggestions or input on doing it this way? Once the rocker panel was placed the rear lined up nicely but the front had a 1/2" gap between the door and the rocker. Ill need to cut the rocker and try lining it up better. Was also thinking of address the inside panel now that everything is open.
  13. @gerrud Thanks! I with the lower door skin already made I decided to mount it and see how well it fit. Marked the line and cut abour 1/4in below it, came back to clean it up with some shears then finished it with a file. The lower right hand corner had been previously brazed by the previous owner so we cut that out and bent up some more sheet metal.Ended up cleaning the outside edge with a flap disc and file. On areas like this I prefer to use a used flap disc just so it doesnt take to much metal away at once. Door skin was left bigger than the door so I had some room for fine tuning. Bottom edge of the door was folded over and extra material slowly trimmed from the door skin.
  14. @Jboogsthethug I cant take all the credit for the panels, I did buy the rocker panel (#16740L and #16740R) and dogleg? (#16750L and #16750R) from Tabco.
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