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  1. I have to agree with idahoskiguy, for the pictures posted I cannot see the car being worth 8500. I can only imagine what is under the paint.
  2. @LLave 😂 its funny how that always seems to be the case
  3. starting to come together again! After this past week I've been motivated to get it finishe d, still plugging away on some filler panels. Lined up the fender and headlight bucket, needs a bit of fine tuning but luckily I'm not the pickiest person in the world. Would be nice to have it on the road by spring.
  4. Made a mistake on the bead roll 😅, Ill need to remake that panel if I cant correct it.
  5. Started forming the sheet metal to cover the wheel on the passenger side.
  6. Had a bit of time on my hands two weeks ago, had been waiting on the old ladies water to break. I have a headlight bucket that has seen better days, decided to try something different out, I couldn't source anything newer. Current prototype print is PLA settings are 210 at the nozzle and 60 at the bed. 20191125_235035.mp4 also got a bit more practice laying some beads as well, this is for a 59 chevy.
  7. finished up the passenger side end tank and also finished the upper radiator hose connection. I 3d printed a couple dies for my bead roller and put a bead on a piece of 1.5" dia. tube, tube was cut from 90.
  8. Yes I crossed over while in the trans tunnel, will probably do the same thing when I get to that point. Currently have the entire setup done with soft lines and brackets.
  9. i ran my lines near the top of the trans tunnel then routed them to the "cold" side of the engine. When I redo them again Ill probably build a heat sheild with a bulkhead connector
  10. finally found some time to begin working on one of the intercooler end tanks, mocked it up in CAD before starting, then got to work.
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