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  1. After fitting the rear quarter panel on the driver side I didn't like how the rear dog leg was aligning so I decided to cut it off and remake a new one. I ended up making the radius section a little more defined the second time around.
  2. @AydinZ71 ya typically ill do a paper template, tape it all over the car and if I like it I'll either make a wood or wire buck.
  3. @AydinZ71 Saw your build its coming along nicely. Can't wait until the rust is all gone. I'm going to need to do some research to see how I'll tube the back.
  4. More rust, thinking about just tubing the entire rear end...
  5. @Bobendid you ever get this complete?
  6. Great job on the motor mounts, what thickness of material did you end up using?
  7. Great update, good amount of pictures. What are you planning on doing with the dash, something custom? Do you have plates on the other side (inside) of the firewall or are the tubes all connected to one another?
  8. wheels are 12in outside to outside, cannot recall what the offsets were at the moment. Tires are 225. 45 i think
  9. ya thats the hard part, doing mine right now. Trying to have eveything flow is a pain.
  10. Small update, been trying to finish up the driver side rear fender. Have it roughed out but it still needs to be shaped beside the door and the rear of the panel needs to be brought down another 1.5in after that I can finish welding, hammer and dolly, knock down the welds and then to try to find all of the highs and lows. The panel currently sits past the edge of the rim so that the wheel is tucked in when the car is lowered, I havent decided if I want that or if I would prefer it to be flush.
  11. Great progress so far! Are all of the tabs in good shape that hold the bottom of the rear light panel? If not do you plan of making some, buying them or just leaving it as is?
  12. @Jboogsthethug, hopefully! Been taking advantage of some of the days off work. Glad I decided to not use the fender flares, worst part is all the time lost.
  13. Small updates One of my major milestones on my checklist, the suspension is set up and just about dialed in. (sound off, have the compressor going in the background). Since the video I've trimmed off the remainder of the rear quarter, I was just to excited to see it move. 20201122_195128~2.mp4 I ripped the passenger side rear quarter off and I'm going to stretch it out a bit more. Wasnt please with how it looked with the over fenders. I also finally got around to mocking up the driver side rear quarter. Still need to build out the back end and widen it
  14. @Nelsonian With the metal buck you have, do you think youll be putting a radius right above the wheel arch or leaving it straight? I've been slowly working on my own buck because I also changed directions and over the past couple weeks I've been on the fence about whether or not to add a radius similar to the stock fenders above the wheels.
  15. Can count me in for the door glass on both sides and the front windshield.
  16. Got the battery tray drawn up just need to toss it in the bender. Fingers crossed all my measurements are close enough.
  17. Welded up the sway bar mount this past weekend, going to take @calZ advice and put a tube in there then weld everything together, Ill also beef up the sides a bit.
  18. insane amount of changes. been following you on instagram wasnt aware you had a build page on here
  19. your right @artishard116 I just didnt get around to cutting it when I posted. I had time to cut it this weekend though! Ill toss some pictures up later today, it should be all sealed up once it welded together.
  20. I had thought about tossing a tube in there but ended up not doing it just because I havent had time to run to any metal supplier and with the current situation they're typically closed before I'm done work. I'm planning on inspecting these occasionally and if I see a good bit of flex i'll either add the tubing as suggested or bump up the material thickness by .125in. To be fair though the rona will probably be gone by the time I have this on the road. 😅
  21. @Sanchez going through the same thing on the driver side now, its painfully slow. But very rewarding once its completed, keep on the good work!
  22. great work on everything! enjoying the build, excited to see the final product.
  23. Been a minute since the last update, work has been crazy busy so I havent had much time to go to the shop. I've been playing around with fusion and decided I was going to make my own sway bar brackets. The design and 3d prints of the parts prior took abit of time, once I was happy with it, everything was cut from aluminum. Looking at it now I'm thinking I may make a second version thats a bit thicker. I still need to cut and bend the top peice but I ran out of time this weekend.
  24. I had a similar issue with the roof, I did the following. -pushed it up from the inside, because the metal is already stretched it'll have a lot of flex it to. -once its pushed up I would hammer and dolley the areas surronding the dent to smooth everything out. -you'd be stretching the metal more so it'll have a tin can sound to it, you'll need to shrink the metal back -continue to hammer and dolley until your happy with the end result If anyone has anything to add to the above please do so.
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