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  1. If you can ship it I will take it. Thanks.
  2. RS02

    CD008 Transmission and 2JZGTE adapter

    If there's a adapter for L28 I'll buy it. Too sad it's not done developing yet. Good luck selling it.
  3. RS02

    L28 - 350Z 6 Speed Transmission Adapters

    Sorry to dig up the thread, But this seems like a good idea that I should follow. Subscribing on Facebook...
  4. I just spent over 600 on my e31 head... Why dont you post earlier?! lol
  5. I used the 12 circuit kit. The factory sw bypass the resister on the coil when you're starting the car. So the pin only activate when the key is in start position. If you are not using a resister it doesn't matter. If you do I think the "Coil" wire can be connected to that. I'm using the MSD ignition so I didn't use it. The other 2 wires are closed when the key is inserted so you get the annoying beeping sound when you did not remove the key and the car is off.
  6. RS02

    aftermarket wiring

    I am installing the ez 12 circuit with mini fuse box. I added a fuel pump and the choke circuit is spared. I did quite a bit of modifying to fit a lot of relays behind the dash because I don't want to overheat the combo switch. My experience with the kit is fine so far. I think wiring is easy as long as you keep everything well documented and tidy. I drew a wiring diagram since I want to be able to open the dash in the future and know what goes where. My car is a 71 240z with L28, MSD ignition, gm alternator, kill switch. 12 circuit is just enough to get the job done, BUT if you ask me to do it again I would not buy the kit and make a harness myself and make it perfect. Oh, also the fuse box doesn't fit in the original place.
  7. RS02

    1978 280z 3.1L Turbo LDS Parting Out

    PM sent about wheels and shocks.
  8. RS02

    Gauging interest on universal knock light.

    I would buy a board and display unit. Fair price and better than eBay company crap.
  9. RS02

    Rebello Modified SU Carbs

    PM sent. I was going to have mine rebuilt by Zthearpy but yours seems like a better deal .