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Parting out 79 t-top

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I bought a running kinda driving 79 t-top zx for the short block and working ac. Every panel of the exterior is useless. It is all fully functional. good harness working dash and lights has good tan interior but i may keep it for mine. This is a parts car only for the rust is very extensive and it has no frame rails. If anything is needed let me know. Will sell parts cheap to help community but you pay shipping.

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$100 obo 5-speed trans

$20 drive shaft (na)

$25 driveshaft for t5 (turbo)

$10 t5 trans crossmember

$10 trans crossmember

$10 brake master

$15 radiator

$5 rad shroud 

$10 fan

$25 each Quarter glass nice

$25 hatch glass if i can remove it without breaking.

Come on guys you need something its cheap!! if its not cheap enough pm me!!

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Well we decided to run this rusty zx on dirt circle track! It has been stripped to bare chassis and body. Everything was removed with minimal to no damage. Do you guys need anything? I am willing to do some trading im in need of a header and 4 barrel intake a 390-500 carb. Condition does not matter much as long as there functional. The min class i can run this car in would be street stock which means 305ci sbc caprice- monte carlo and such. We should have a good weight advantage because 6 cyl!!! This should be good fun.

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