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  1. My biggest gripe is the design decision for the 300zx style taillights, on a car, that is doing everything it can to take inspiration from the S30. The hood, headlights, front end, side, rear quarter, almost everything is S30...then someone crammed some 300zx taillights on there because he liked them. To me, that's dumb. Make a modern version of the S30 taillight structure back there and actually have it be a cohesive structure. The front is pretty easy to fix IMO. I'm blow away at how a simple painted line really changes that whole space. But the taillights...that'll take a lot of expensive parts to fix that. I dunno. Maybe it'll grow on me, but right now I'm not a big fan.
  2. That front end's gonna need some work before they release it. It's *fine* as is, but it could definitely be a lot better. Also, Nissan would be smart to offer a ducktail spoiler for this thing.
  3. Correct, you'd need a standalone ECU to do that. Not just a fuel management system.
  4. There is nothing magical about any engine. If you're going to go standalone ECU, and get one with enough inputs and outputs, then you can control any engine out there, and every feature it could ever have. I believe the Maserati uses a Bosch ECU, so more than likely all their sensors are Bosch if that's the case. Do your research, do some more research, give up, come back and do more research, and then eventually just pull the trigger on one that seems to have everything you would need.
  5. https://seattle.craigslist.org/see/pts/d/lake-stevens-280zx-motor-turbo-charged/7181036906.html Not exactly close by, but there's one there.
  6. Maybe buy actual lubricant for the bushings instead of quite possibly the worlds worst.
  7. https://zcardepot.com/products/hatch-strut-shock-mount-bracket-240z-260z-280z $14.50 USD.
  8. Can agree. You want a shroud for a puller fan so that all the air is evenly being directed toward the fan and it can truely suck the air through it. Putting a shroud on the front just blocks airflow.
  9. Bringatrailer will be the best site to spend the most money possible for a S30. Craigslist and Offerup can get you some really good deals sometimes, but you'll have to be dealing with individual people who sometimes are "overly knowlegable"...even when they aren't. Sometimes you also get people who really don't know what they have and you can get a sweet deal. Just get ready to deal with rust repair. For some of the honestly best deals, from people who actually really love these cars, this site, and classiczcars has a "for sale" section, and with that you'll get more information about the car than you will anywhere else. Cars don't come up as often, but you can have a no bullshit conversation with the owner. Good luck with your search. Now is a great time to learn all of the quirks of these cars, and to realize that unless your budget is very healthy, you will have rust, and you'll need to repair that.
  10. In total, what was the time between when you purchased them, and when they were shipped?
  11. I'm usually for almost everything you do man...but the steering rack boots sure looks like it's touching the frame mount. Even if it's not touching now, when the car starts vibrating and the suspension moves up and down, aren't you worried it'll wear a hole in it?
  12. If you need to keep that seat, then yes. Or, switch to a different seat that also has side bolstering without going crazy.
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