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  1. So question to those who know things about things. Let's say a person has the Toyota S12+8 calipers up front (the solid rotor variety, not the vented kind) and 240sx calipers in the back. Should that person use a proportioning valve at all, or should I...I mean, "that person", use it, and dial it down as far as it'll go? (Obviously the prop valve would link into the rear brake system only)
  2. Wouldn't it be much easier to spend 90 dollars on a bead rolling tool (i.e. https://www.eastwood.com/eastwood-elite-8-heavy-duty-bead-roller.html) and then just remake the whole thing and weld that in?
  3. As the wrinkles are non-structural, and really you're going to be the only one who even knows about, especially if you just put some slightly thicker primer over it when repainting, just ignore it. The chassis itself on these cars is pretty noodley as is and should probably be reinforced anyway if you're planning on doing any sort of serious mods or hard driving.
  4. it's an idea. Flares allow you to run wider tires. So there can be a practical reason to use them. However, most people put them on because they like the way they look. As it's a personal style preference, it doesn't really matter what we think so long as you like/dislike them. If you like them, then you should definitely put them on. If you don't like them, then make sure to leave them off.
  5. This is what Austin Hoke did when VQ35 swapping his S30 http://hokeperformance.squarespace.com/vq240z-build-blog/suspension-cross-member-modification I still think it would be safer to triangulate the front, but he basically just closed it all up. He also seems to have more room in between the cross member and engine. So there's that too.
  6. Think of what the forces are that your subframe is currently going to be experiencing. It isn't holding the engine up, so all it's doing now is dealing with the lateral forces of your rack and pinion, and bit of vertical force from the front suspension arm rotating in it on each side. Personally I think you'd be better off triangulating the front side to reduce the moment arm your steering rack is going to be putting on it.
  7. Neverdone

    Inline 8

    So let me get this straight Gollum... You're gonna be putting a GSXR motor at all four wheels to offset the amount of weight each one has to push? I know you never said that...but...can you just do it anyway?
  8. If you're going to change the suspension, at the extreme minimum, do it on both sides. Unless you're making a circle track car or something that only turns one direction, you're gonna want it even.
  9. @ohmster101 He already did once.
  10. Using a calculator should be able to solve your problem pretty easily. https://spicerparts.com/calculators/transmission-ratio-rpm-calculator Using a 25" tire height, with the FS5W71C tranmission (91 240sx transmission), in second gear at 7000 rpms, with a 3.9 rear end, you'd be doing 70 mph. In 5th gear, at 2600 rpms, you'd be doing 65. It really depends on what you want to do, and the speeds you think you'll be traveling.
  11. Seems like the "soft" mounting in the back of the diff would only affect it in the fore and aft direction. Having no isolation on the front of the cradle (where the front rear suspension bar bolts to), and having isolation on the rear of the cradle (where the mustache bar usually bolts to) could affect things. How much will it affect the overall dynamics of the vehicle? How will that affect NVH? How will that affect the life of the cradle/isolators/suspenion links/alignment/etc? I don't know.
  12. How old are your tires, and when was the last time you had your wheels aligned?
  13. there any reason you didn't extend the bracket down in front of the mounting "ears" of the back of the diff down, so that you could mount the diff straight to it?
  14. Man, that car is in the air and the gap between the fender and the tires looks minuscule. Obviously this is also because they chose wheels and tires that are entirely too big...but the quality of the flare itself seems alright.
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