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  1. The R33 GTST uses a shortnose R200. It'll be a similar solution when using a 240sx or even Infiniti Q45 diff. You'll need custom axles, which will connect to a custom hub. Techno Toy Tuning makes that setup.
  2. If you're gonna polish the aluminum, leave it bare. Otherwise, paint it.
  3. Anything is possible. How much will it cost? No idea. But this guy might know.
  4. You're gonna have high presure fuel pump issues, but other then that, GO FOR IT! EWS (CAS now) is probably going to be an issue, as BMW's in the past (from E36 on IIRC) require the key to the car, the tumbler it goes in, and the engine ECU for it. Otherwise, standalone ECU's can be used. Another issue is the driveshaft. Most BMW's use a guibo (a big rubber donut) to attach the driveshaft to the transmission. They then have the slip yoke half way through the driveshaft to allow for chassis flex and engine movement. As the S30 is so short, you'll pretty much have to cut your driveshaft down to a one piece shaft as there will be no room for a center support bearing. People much smarter then me have said that as long as you have the driveshaft that has the CV joint end, that should allow enough play that you'll be fine. Will it make more power and/or cost less then an LSx swap? Not even close. It's a terrible idea that no one should do. Should you do it though? Absolutely! It's cool, and it's what you want, and it'll be interesting and infuriating and you'll learn a ton.
  5. Move the mounting hole aft, run the sway bar so it goes behind the drop down suspension mounts. Add additional spacers as need be to make sure there's no binding.
  6. If you're asking that question, you can't do it. Either spend a ton of money having an auto fabrication shop doing all the work for you, or change your mind on doing it. If none of those options are suitable for you, then spend hours and hours learning to fabricate and pour over other peoples build threads until you can find enough similarity in swapping some engine into a Subaru, and swapping an RB engine into something that normally doesn't have one.
  7. I do so love the insane amount of attention to detail you're putting into this. You're going to have a flawless car when this is all done. Keep up the great work!
  8. Craigslist is always a good bet to find parts for 280z's, but unless a member chimes in, there's always the following. Cheapest: https://zcarsource.com/front-hub-260z-280z-74-78-used Newest: https://technotoytuning.com/nissan/260z/4-lug-front-hubs-datsun-260z-and-280z
  9. You can find a donor car with similar miles that's a manual and still get the engine for about a grand. It's a an older mass produced cheap fast car. Lots of people crashed them. There's one in http://www.hannasautoparts.com/ with similar miles and is also going for 1000, but it's a manual. Just get that one.
  10. In Americaland the S12 was sold as a 200sx. From the scattered bits of info I can find, they came with an R180. I could be wrong on that though.
  11. You know the diff from a 240sx doesn't just bolt up right? It's a completely different diff housing and will require lots of fab work or money for custom parts/axles. Either way, how usable your car will be for every day driving will really come down to how tall your last gear is.
  12. https://www.mcmaster.com/91390a210 Would something like that work? Not sure if it's the correct pitch, or even width, but it's something worth looking around on on McMaster Carr. It is just a big set screw.
  13. 1) It doesn't have a rear subframe. 2) Google "240z dimensions" there's a drawing that comes up as the very first picture. 3) Have you ever seen a 240z before? You can fit a V12 in there. 4) It'll fit a gas tank. 5) They won't feel modern, ever. 6) The battery pack alone weighs 1200 lbs. You're gonna be adding more then 500 lbs to the car. 7) ....what? Power steering pump? it's a 240z. 8) Don't ruin a clean one.
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