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  1. an LS is also vastly more expensive then a traditional 350 swap. He should do whatever he wants to do.
  2. if no one's done that yet, your best bet is probably to start digging through Ford Ranger forums.
  3. If you need to move the diff aft, you can put a shim of some sort inbetween the mustache bar and the bushing surround. Not 100% sure, but that could fix your power brace issue too.
  4. Have you tried loosening all the bolts and then wacking the shit out of it with a mallet?
  5. I think you're drastically underestimating your two steps of "fabrication and tuning", and everything that would go into that. You'd be doing a lot of work for an engine that's possibly heavier and doesn't make any more power then the stock power plant. Any reason why you wouldn't just do the AWD swap on your SL, and then turbo the stock power plant?
  6. Interesting fact about the BMW steering rack. Subaru Forester outer tie rods screw directly onto it and have the same taper as the Datsun knuckle, and the BMW inner tie rods are only about a half inch or so too long on each end. I actually just shortened the shifter arm on my Z4 trans that I'm mounting to my S52 last wednesday. Another fun bit of "Did BMW design this engine for this car?" https://www.ecstuning.com/b-genuine-bmw-parts/shifter-arm-bracket/41128246251/ The shifter arm bushing mount fits almost perfectly where you'd want it to at the back of the shifter hole, and only requires a little bit of bending. Good times.
  7. Feel free to be my guest to give a guy money who literally advertises this photo as a sign of his work. This isn't about being superficial. There's so much then that. Please read the disclaimer to his website about his parts and tell me that doesn't worry you at all.
  8. First off: BOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Second: You'll probably have an easier time selling that if you spend the 250 or so dollars on some interior vinyl to make it look less "project car".
  9. Or just pay what he's asking for. You sold it to him for 3700 5 years ago, he wants 4600. That's actually 900 dollars difference, for him storing it for 5 years. If you know of a place that'll store a car for 180 bucks a year, let me know.
  10. Buy that before he realizes that someone who doesn't know about the rusty areas will easily buy that for 7k. Then fix the rusty areas. It's just metal. They have more. Also he stored it for you for 4 years...that's worth something.
  11. While not the exact same engine, Ron put 1/2" spacers under the front crossmember for his S52 powered Z. They don't screw with suspension geometry enough to really matter (you could always correct it if you're crazy). You can also buy them from Jags that run for pretty cheap. https://jagsthatrun.com/collections/datsun-z-parts/products/dat-105-spacers-between-body-and-front-crossmember-one-pair
  12. Ben I've got a pair of the TechnoToyTuning front arms that I havn't installed yet on my Z if you wanna come check them out in person.
  13. You don't need a surge tank. A lot of people run them so they don't get fuel starvation in hard long corners when your fuel level is low.
  14. I know I've seen shadier and less professional websites... ...but I can't think of many. Good luck to anyone who gives them money.
  15. While I am electarded, it seems to me you could combine the Pink and Orange wire? This makes sense to me, and I would love to hear why it's a terrible idea and won't work at all.
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