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  1. If your budget is 150k, then why are you asking us? Ask the fab shop that is going to be doing 100% of the work. If you want the "Wow factor" of a V12, and something to make it special, go get the M120 V12 out of an S600 and straight pipe the thing. People have made them sound like Zonda's.
  2. You can absolutely source an aftermarket clutch/brake pedal assembly. Wilwood makes them. You'll probably have to do some math though on how much pedal travel you have, vs how much your clutch master and slave cylinder are outputting to make sure they'll work.
  3. So you have an engine. Now you have no means of mounting it, so you need custom mounts. Now you have no means of mounting the transmission, so that's custom. Now you need a new custom driveshaft to put that power to the rear wheels. Now you need to upgrade the diff because the R160 diff it comes with is tiny and is not meant for that kinda power ALL to the rear wheels. Now you need new axles. So you've got the engine physically mounted now, great. Now you gota turn it on. Now you need a new wiring harness that'll adapt to the chassis components and the engines ECU which hopefully comes with the engine. Oh it doesn't have the ECU? Now you gota learn megasquirt and deal with all that shit because an actual standalone ECU that'll do what you need it to do is well over 5 grand. Now you need new gauges because the ECU you have doesn't want to talk to the ones in the Subaru unless you can pull off some slick electric engineering. Since you just dropped THOUSANDS on this damn car, you're gonna want some suspension components to go along with this because you'll be damned if this heavy beast can't really corner for shit. Now it's 10 years later and you're staring at this damn thing which doesn't run either at all, or poorly, and you're wondering, "Why the hell didn't I just change the head gaskets and buy a bigger turbo for the stock engine? I'd be done years ago!!!" More time goes by, you finally kick your alcoholism that you needed to cope with the neverending torment of this unfinished project and you get serious and put in some serious money to just get the damn thing working. It finally turns on, everything is working just fine. You go down your street...and you realize it's not any faster at all then a freggin stock Forester turbo. Darkness sets in.
  4. I hope it's money because you're gonna be putting a lot of it into that car and end up with roughly the same amount of power.
  5. Anything is possible with enough money, time, and a welder.
  6. You may be having difficulty selling them due to the price different of what you can get them for new. I understand shipping from Japan does cost a lot. But it's a tough sell when new is less than used.
  7. Just went into the garage to check on any holes in the windshield frame. The only one I was able to find is the lower drain hole on the bottom end of it. No holes in the upper part.
  8. So is that actually a public road that's been shut down, or is that really just a track?
  9. Won't using a series of AN fittings be expensive, and also essentially hard mount the inlet and outlet of the rad to the engine? When the engine cranks, it'll snap those off eventually. Am I wrong, or did I just save your radiator?
  10. You should really start looking around at comparable cars that are currently for sale. If you feel you can get that much for it, then you should sell it for that much.
  11. The easiest way to get to 9k is to take the L28 out, and replace it with a Honda F20C or Mazda 13B Rotary engine. The next easiest way is to throw 10's of thousands of dollars at an L28. There might be a 3rd way but I'm not aware of it.
  12. Posting pictures of your problem areas would be helpful. It might be not that much, or you have a total scrap heap of a car. Tough to say with just words.
  13. The price and popularity of S30's has been going up for a while now, well before the 400z was even officially announced that they were going to make it. With more and more cars becoming numb, fat, and auto-only, there is going to be a shift back into older cars that aren't necessarily as fast, but are perceived as "more engaging". Add in that the S30 is beautiful, and is becoming more and more rare due to many of them having been fully rusted away or crashed into trees, and the price goes up. Until the price of gasoline becomes absurd (i.e. 20 dollars a gallon or more), I don't see the prices of these going down any time soon/ever. The people on Bringatrailer with too much money have definitely shot the price up faster than anyone could have ever imagined.
  14. I tried to skip around to find your car in that show...I couldn't. Any idea where you are in it?
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