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  1. Ok, I see what you're talking about. You're just mounting a spacer under the sway bar. Most people affix that by just running the bolts through it and that's it. However, you shouldn't sandwich dissimilar metals together. That creates rust. Look up galvanic corrosion if you're dead set on using those.
  2. Don't use glue on anything structural in a car.
  3. It's steel. This isn't Medieval times. It's not a cast iron skillet or something.
  4. As "ridiculous" as an adapter might be, cutting and welding is a lot more scary for MOST people. Don't give up on it just yet, and there might be a way of doing it that isn't too crazy.
  5. Man do I hate how Nissan didn't choose to re-name the short nose R200... 1) You've obviously gota be talking about the shortnose R200 that came with the Q45/350z/370z. This is because your car currently already has an R200, albeit a longnose R200m which has a completely different carrier, and in the 280z, was an open diff. 2) The only question anyone should be asking is, "What do you mean by 'viable'?" Will it work? Yeah. Will it break? Not unless you're gonna be putting way more power then what came stock and using some incredibly meaty tires. Is it the best diff you could use? There is no best. 3) Technotoy tuning sells a conversion kit to use the shortnose R200, which also uses custom uprights to use plug-in axles, as opposed to a stub axle+companion flange set up which the S30 came with. There's lots of befits that that rear end conversion also brings, but it's at no small cost. If it is worth it or not is completely up to you. That should answer the questions you were asking.
  6. What are you trying to do? Wouldn't just using a different transmission be vastly cheaper and easier?
  7. I think you're gonna find a lot more info on people swapping VK's into their 350 and 370z's. However, most of the information you'll glean from them applies to our cars as well. https://mckinneymotorsports.org/vk56de/datsun-240260280z-s30-vk56de-motor-mounting-kit This link is very confusing as it clearly says it's for a VK56 mount in a 240z...yet when you click on it, it brings you to a VQ mount...maybe it's the same mount? I'd shoot them a message if you want to use their parts for this swap before spending money to make sure it'll work.
  8. Are you currently running a Z31 front hub or some custom hub? Those rotors are 5 lug is why I ask.
  9. Can you take a photo of how you installed the diff that isn't just a MS Paint version of an old photo?
  10. The problem with the lift IS the front end profile. It channels air the hood, which has a shorter distance to travel to the back then over the top, and it makes lift. Short of stopping the amount of air that enters under the car, you'd need to remove the hood to stop the path of air from traveling over top and creating some sort of turbulent mess of air, which would probably increase drag. Making a spoiler to create downforce on the steering rack would negate some of the lift, but then you're channeling a lot of air up into the engine itself, which would increase drag. What's the end goal you have for your project? What do you need to prove on a base level?
  11. Just know that that tabco panel won't get you the lip that the weather stripping attaches to. You may have to end up making that out of blank sheetmetal. Either that or you magically find one that isn't totally rusted out on a donor car that someone is literally parting out that hasn't also been rusted to hell and gone.
  12. I have no idea where you've going with this build, but I'm very excited for you to get there.
  13. It would be weird if they supplied them with different differentials seeing as they were on a Global platform. I can tell you that they do in fact work on a 2005 STI R180 that was obtained from a USDM car.
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