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  1. Looking great! Is that an OEM part or some after market that you've plugged what looks like a water temp sensor into, that's attached to the radiator inlet?
  2. I'd possibly watch out for interfering with the front tire when the suspension is fully loaded, but that's about it.
  3. making a mount for it would be easy as it's just two flat bars that enclose the ear mounts of the BMW rack will actually lower the rack down to make more space for whatever you need. You need to shorten the inner tie-rods about an inch (from what I've read anyway) and Subaru Forester outer tie-rods mount to the knuckle and inner-BMW rods. Add in that they're super cheaper and widely available, I'm surprised more people haven't looked into using them sooner. Looking forward to your progress!
  4. No. Nissan named two differentials the "R200". You'll see people calling them "longnose R200" and "shortnose R200". The longnose R200 came on the 280z, 280zx, and Z31 300zx. The shortnose R200 came on a bunch of Infiniti's in the 90's, and the S14 & S15 and maybe some other vehicles. Before you ask, I don't believe you can just swap the LSD from a shortnose R200 into a longnose R200 without a buncha work. I could be wrong, and as always, almost all of this info is out there already.
  5. You gonna use the BMW steering rack, or go with a Subaru or something?
  6. As fun as a 2000 mile highway only drive that would take days to complete, in just one direction, in a 50 year old Japanese car sounds to you... I can't blame him for wanting to ship his car and just fly out there.
  7. Champion makes good radiators. https://www.championradiators.com/Datsun-240z-radiator-shroud--Chevy-Combo-1970-1973-
  8. You'd need the ring and pinion out of a non-tow package Nissan Titan, or an Armada or something. They run a 2.94 final drive ratio. I've personally never done it, but changing gears is possible. Why do you want to do this?
  9. BMW uses a press in bearing and wheel hub flange instead of an easy to replace and far better self enclosed wheel hub/bearing like damn near everyone else. You'd have to weld on a tube that's within tolerance of the rear wheel bearing to be able to press it in if you want to use BMW parts. Or you get 930 CV's and make custom length axles that bolt to the output flange of the BMW diff and make a custom companion flange/adapter that works with the stock stub axle. EDIT: Actually, the E39 uses bolt in wheel hub bearings, and has axles that can bolt to an M3 diff. Sooo....maybe? Would probably have to do work dealing with the brake caliper mount, but it's possible to go full BMW if ya wanted to.
  10. I'd be more worried about the brand new head you're gonna need to design to push all that air through it over what ECU you're gonna use. I'm not saying it's impossible to make 600 horsepower on an L28, hell anything is possible with infinite money, but it's realistically, impossible. Use a different engine.
  11. Ok, I see what you're talking about. You're just mounting a spacer under the sway bar. Most people affix that by just running the bolts through it and that's it. However, you shouldn't sandwich dissimilar metals together. That creates rust. Look up galvanic corrosion if you're dead set on using those.
  12. Don't use glue on anything structural in a car.
  13. It's steel. This isn't Medieval times. It's not a cast iron skillet or something.
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