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  1. Yes passenger side is the one with the long end that goes in the diff. I will take one for 100 shipped. My paypal is speedrules86@yahoo.com and my address is 33 pleasant grove church rd edmonton ky 42129 send me your paypal info and ill send payment.
  2. Yep 120 plus ship has tan trim inside
  3. I need the passenger which i think is the long i cant remember now its been a long day. I will double check tomorrow.
  4. Hey man the parts car i have had tan/brown interior. Bummer right? My 83 is black inside also. what do you need for a passenger axle not the stub in the control arm that im tearing up it the end that goes into the diff. I never had this problem till i installed the obx diff and then went to the strip. I could not launch the car at all or it would shake so hard my glove box would open and sun visors would flip down. It was very bad and ran a 13.2 @ 108 it was crap car should run mid to low 12s. Passenger axle price? Thanks and good luck with the LS swap.
  5. I need a known good passenger side 280zx cv axle. I killed mine at the drag strip with bad wheel hop. I got cash/paypal or trade for 79 280zx parts because i have a complete parts car stripped into boxs right now. Thanks guys.
  6. Thanks for the reply but the zx will not fit the 100'' wheel base rule for the class so i will not be using it after all. Mods please remove this thread.
  7. Used clifford or arizona z car manifold? Possible beat up old header? Bueller BUELLER?
  8. I need these parts for the l28 not a sbc sorry. I have sbc parts if anyone needs them. Edelbrock proformer intake and Edelbrock 600cfm carb Trade?
  9. Hey guys it me again. I am going to run a 79 zx on dirt oval. I have to run a carb so i need a 4 barrel intake and header possibly a carb like a 390-500. This is on a shoe string budget guys. So if i can trade you something for parts or trade plus boot we can find a way. One hybridz member donated a maxima high comp head thats being ported and a big isky cam. Thanks xnke!!! Any help would be greatly appreciated. The class we are running is full size cars with stock 305ci v8 engines.
  10. You can have mine for 25 plus shipping.
  11. I have a stock t5 shaft if you need it. I will let it go for 25 bucks plus ship.
  12. I have all the linkage from a 79 zx if you still need them 25 bones and ship for everything from the pedal to the tb.
  13. Well we decided to run this rusty zx on dirt circle track! It has been stripped to bare chassis and body. Everything was removed with minimal to no damage. Do you guys need anything? I am willing to do some trading im in need of a header and 4 barrel intake a 390-500 carb. Condition does not matter much as long as there functional. The min class i can run this car in would be street stock which means 305ci sbc caprice- monte carlo and such. We should have a good weight advantage because 6 cyl!!! This should be good fun.
  14. Bump $100 obo 5-speed trans $20 drive shaft (na) $25 driveshaft for t5 (turbo) $10 t5 trans crossmember $10 trans crossmember $10 brake master $15 radiator $5 rad shroud $10 fan $25 each Quarter glass nice $25 hatch glass if i can remove it without breaking. Come on guys you need something its cheap!! if its not cheap enough pm me!!
  15. Tell me what you guys need. The shipping will be higher than my parts cost!!! I just hate to scrap the car if some of you guys need parts.
  16. Its the early dual res one but it looks ok. You need it? pm me and ill hook you up.
  17. I bought a running kinda driving 79 t-top zx for the short block and working ac. Every panel of the exterior is useless. It is all fully functional. good harness working dash and lights has good tan interior but i may keep it for mine. This is a parts car only for the rust is very extensive and it has no frame rails. If anything is needed let me know. Will sell parts cheap to help community but you pay shipping.
  18. Well xnke and myself removed my obx to find the axle circlips beat to pieces and that the unit internals were beautiful. The mc master washers were still concave and not worn in anyway after a year of abuse. so it was put back in and we made som axle clips from a air hose coil spring. The wire diameter was slightly larger but worked and seems to retain the axles tighter. all my axle vibe is gone although the passenger axle can still be moved up and down some if you grab it and push it around. Also made a aluminum and poly rear diff mount using 90 deg aluminum angle that was 1/2" thick salvaged
  19. Im going to remove mine SOON because of axle slop issues. I am thinking along the same lines as mightymaxx on this one a die spring would be ideal with a hardened washer on the ends. Im working with a local engineering/machine shop that know there stuff to locate a spring that will fill the void and have around 200lb or higher spring rate with in a 3mm compression.
  20. Im using the mcmastercar washers.
  21. I have been hitting the poly stops i pit on the rear shocks i moved them to the top with a zip tie under it to hold the stop in place and launched it to find the stop at the bottom.
  22. Installing the 300zx poly bushings moved the rear sub frame back. My rubber bushings were shot but i dont know what thickness to tell you to cut the bushings i just eye baled it and now i have some driveshaft vibe.
  23. Well we are kinda thinking the bad wheel hop at the track caused this odd phenomenon with the passenger side axle play. Thoughts are the spring washer stack got mashed in all the power on off on off stuff. As soon as possible i will be removing mine to check. Possibly replacing with a solid block with a few tho, of clearance on each end like a quaife unit.
  24. Hey man i had this same rust ( not as bad) but in the same area at the turn up at the end of the rail. I used 18 gauge sheet and bent it using a hammer and a vice to the correct width and length the cut in the middle to fold it upward to get the bend there. Cleaning to bear metal all around the area and mig welded it in there coating with self etching primer then rust proof black rustolium rattle can. I would look for another shell as i have thought of doing many times and yours looks much worse than mine. Good luck sir.
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