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Recommended L-engine shops in Europe

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Just a friendly advice, what are you planning to do? Basic resto or full blown porting/stroker/modding of the engine?


Any basic work should be possible everywhere, mine was done by a boat engine specialist to teach new apprentices on an old engine ;)

Good heads up and thanks for the friendly advice.


Obviously I know there are plenty of good engine shops, but I haven't found yet one that would have reputation on building performance L-engines (similar to US Rebello or Datsun Spirit). However I do remember reading of one here in Europe from this forum but can't seem to find that post anymore.


So yes specialized in performance L-engines.

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Ad verkuijlen at VA-motorsports engineering in Netherlands.


Thanks Andreas. Sounds like a very good shop.


Does anyone have any experience about Flatlander also located in NL for parts? http://www.flatlander-ipp.nl/hpkits/pek-nissan.shtml

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