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  1. Looks like a nice product for easy megasquirt swap. Also most of the sensors are included, cool.
  2. Leskinen

    11mm vs 14mm o-ring fuel rails? Confused

    Stock L28e uses barbed fittings not O-ring. So neither.
  3. Leskinen

    Need some advices on carburetor or fuel injection

    I suggest you read the hardware manual of the chosen version: http://www.msextra.com/manuals/ It gives you the basic understanding.
  4. You can check the CTS by removing the coolant temp sensor plug and use a paper clip (or something equivalent) to connect the two pins in connector (= no resistance). Check also the resitance of the sensor. I had the same problem with my -75 with similar symptoms. It was a bad CTS.
  5. Leskinen

    Recommended L-engine shops in Europe

    Thanks Andreas. Sounds like a very good shop. Does anyone have any experience about Flatlander also located in NL for parts? http://www.flatlander-ipp.nl/hpkits/pek-nissan.shtml
  6. Leskinen

    Recommended L-engine shops in Europe

    Good heads up and thanks for the friendly advice. Obviously I know there are plenty of good engine shops, but I haven't found yet one that would have reputation on building performance L-engines (similar to US Rebello or Datsun Spirit). However I do remember reading of one here in Europe from this forum but can't seem to find that post anymore. So yes specialized in performance L-engines.
  7. Hello European Hybridz members, Are there proven good L-specialized engine shops in europe? If you have a good place where you get your engine work done please share! Juho, Finland
  8. I don't have aar and I run the coolant bypass the same way you do. Works fine for me.
  9. I couldn't find them anywhere. However they are quite easy to machine and that is what I did. I would strongly recommend removing the hinges. It is annoying work even with them removed. Few pics of my hinge project: http://forums.hybridz.org/gallery/album/1667-280z-interior/
  10. Leskinen

    280z interior

  11. Leskinen

    Jeep Cam angle sensor for L - Series

    Sorry Jacky! Didn't mean to hijack your thread... I got carried away as I sometimes unfortunatelly do. Thanks for the answers however. I'll continue this shomewhere else or make a new one (and read more).
  12. Leskinen

    Jeep Cam angle sensor for L - Series

    Hi again. More questions... Could you guys confirm that if I want sequential injection I will need camshaft angle for MS III&MS3x (Can do this with the jeep CAS). But with only (NO cam angle sensor) the 36-1 trigger wheel I can use batch injection and still use the ms3x board injection outputs? But they just won't inject sequentially. What I would like to have is a system that would control my fuel and spark (and air to fuel ratio). I would like to use the ms3x outputs for injection and induvitual ignition (ls2 coils). Im buying the needed parts little by little: - I have bought the 36-1 trigger wheel kit from derek (with edis vr sensor) - I have wideband O2 - I will need (240sx 2.4?) throttlebody (TPS). Will euro 200sx (sr20det) throttle body do the trick too? Can the L28e tb be used? - I will need ls2 coilpacks - I will need ms III and the ms3x with suitable wiring - What sensors can be used from L28e or do they all need to be replaced with newer sensors (water temp, tps...)? Have people installed knock sensors? Thanks -Juho
  13. Leskinen

    LD crankshaft

    Both sold
  14. Leskinen

    LD crankshaft

    Sale pending. Jelmer thanks for the input. Unfortunately I don't know the kms, but these are from 1980s engines so they are obviously not new. If they were the prize would be quite different.
  15. Leskinen

    LD crankshaft

    Thanks for the info: "Donate I will"