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  1. Hello Hybridz, I have few LD28 engines laying around with LD28 V07 crankshafts. Asking 1000usd including shipping, but excluding possible import taxes/fees. Shipping from EU. Payments with Paypal.
  2. Looks like a nice product for easy megasquirt swap. Also most of the sensors are included, cool.
  3. Stock L28e uses barbed fittings not O-ring. So neither.
  4. I suggest you read the hardware manual of the chosen version: http://www.msextra.com/manuals/ It gives you the basic understanding.
  5. You can check the CTS by removing the coolant temp sensor plug and use a paper clip (or something equivalent) to connect the two pins in connector (= no resistance). Check also the resitance of the sensor. I had the same problem with my -75 with similar symptoms. It was a bad CTS.
  6. Thanks Andreas. Sounds like a very good shop. Does anyone have any experience about Flatlander also located in NL for parts? http://www.flatlander-ipp.nl/hpkits/pek-nissan.shtml
  7. Good heads up and thanks for the friendly advice. Obviously I know there are plenty of good engine shops, but I haven't found yet one that would have reputation on building performance L-engines (similar to US Rebello or Datsun Spirit). However I do remember reading of one here in Europe from this forum but can't seem to find that post anymore. So yes specialized in performance L-engines.
  8. Hello European Hybridz members, Are there proven good L-specialized engine shops in europe? If you have a good place where you get your engine work done please share! Juho, Finland
  9. I don't have aar and I run the coolant bypass the same way you do. Works fine for me.
  10. I couldn't find them anywhere. However they are quite easy to machine and that is what I did. I would strongly recommend removing the hinges. It is annoying work even with them removed. Few pics of my hinge project: http://forums.hybridz.org/gallery/album/1667-280z-interior/
  11. Sorry Jacky! Didn't mean to hijack your thread... I got carried away as I sometimes unfortunatelly do. Thanks for the answers however. I'll continue this shomewhere else or make a new one (and read more).
  12. Hi again. More questions... Could you guys confirm that if I want sequential injection I will need camshaft angle for MS III&MS3x (Can do this with the jeep CAS). But with only (NO cam angle sensor) the 36-1 trigger wheel I can use batch injection and still use the ms3x board injection outputs? But they just won't inject sequentially. What I would like to have is a system that would control my fuel and spark (and air to fuel ratio). I would like to use the ms3x outputs for injection and induvitual ignition (ls2 coils). Im buying the needed parts little by little: - I have bou
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