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Ryan Merrill

1971 240Z Sakhir Orange.

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The paint is not totally complete. It will need to be cut and polished when the weather get warmer and the paint has a chance to fully cure. The colour is 2014 BMW Sakhir Orange. I cant wait to get it out in some real light and see the gold and pearl shine though.  New windows and seals are in transit. The trim, flares, and emblems are being painted satin black. I should have it home in a week or two. Jody came though once once again. There were a ton of repairs that had to be completed included replacing an entire frame rail in the front, patching some piece in behind the dash, rust damage from the battery location, fix where the PO used sheet meal screws to attach the front fenders, fabricate and weld in a camaro gas tank mount for the new fuel system, and more. We had to find new doors and a new hatch, due to excessive bondo found in the originals. The engine bay was shaved for a nice smooth look.  There will be no wing for now. I am trying to find fender mirrors and pick out some 17x11 and 17x10 wheels. It will be home in a week or two and I will continue to rewire the entire car.





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Looking very nice! Don't let the DPAN guys hate on it over the number of coats used, most of those guys are clueless anyway haha. Excited to see how it looks when it's more put together. 


I dont let any of those guys bother me. There that one guy on there that has to criticize every non-oem thing you do to those cars. His rants always include he past military and staying in Japan.lol. All good. I have no idea with paint, I just let my body guy do what he things is best.

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