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water pump rotation clockwise or universal? serpentine belt routing

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so im finishing up my 5.3 install, come to a snag with the serpentine belt though. deleted powersteering and that messed up my belt routing. Ive seen peoples routing of it without but set up like that it makes the pump run backwards direction from original. my question is,

A ) will these pumps run backwards or universal I guess you could say

B ) if not, then how are you guys running it to get it to work right w/o power steering pulley there?


thanks for any help

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Rules are easy, smooth to smooth, groove to groove.  The water pump needs very little contact to operate, like 30 degrees of contact.  If all you have are alt, crank and WP, just run under the WP to the tensioner.  A smooth or grooved idler can be put wherever needed to routing where it is needed or wanted.  


PS a picture would help.  Richard. 

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true, re reading my post I kinda didn't ask the simple question I should have.


does the water pump turn clockwise or ccw?


from what I can gather its suppose to be clockwise from the factory right?, the crank and water pump are supposed to spin opposite directions correct?

(this as facing the engine from front of car)

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