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Franken Z

Driveshaft difficulties.

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Assuming you need the driveshaft shortened and not lengthened, you just need a new slip yoke that fits the 700r4, and a matching tube yoke, and to have it mated to your driveshaft, cut to the proper length and balanced.  If you are planning on keeping the flange and u-joint at the rear of the shaft, a 1310 series u-joint will be plenty strong.  Here's an example:



Obviously if you need to lengthen the driveshaft you are pretty much starting over.  The 1310 series u-joints (non greasable) at both ends should still be plenty strong, unless you are making a LOT of torque on slicks...

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For the same amount of effort, you could buy a Chevy, Camaro etc driveshaft at a wrecker and have it shortened and balanced with new U joints. The only other component required would be the flange adapter. The flange adapter P/N is available in several HybridZ posts.  JTR may still sell the adapter.




  • Measure driveshaft carefully


  • Use a reliable driveshaft shop


  • Pay attention to driveshaft phasing/angles

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