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s130 l28et z31 engine harness and ecu swap

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Ok i just picked up a 83 280zx l28et and i wanted to try the z31 ecu , maf swap. My question is will a 87-89 z31 n/a engine harness work ? Also this car right now is a automatic s130 but i do plan on swapping a 5 spd in it. Anything else i need to pick up ? I have a new t3/t4 turbo, im building a new custom down pipe, i have a intercooler set up going in it. I have some skyline r32 maf's and z32 maf's from a twin turbo. Ill be going with 440cc injectors and build my own fuel rail and use a 300zx tt fuel pump for now. 

Any one selling a turbo z31 ecu let me know. 

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what's your goal in this swap?  I'm not familiar with that specific swap, but i see some potential issues right off the bat:

-the harness PROBABLY aren't compatible.  that means a lot of late night soldering.
-the EC you mention is for a N/A car.  problem with that (unless it gets flashed, and I'm not certain if that's what you want to) is that the fueling tables won't have any data for boosted areas..
-that ECU is either made for a 3l or a 2l engine.  that would mean either too right or WAY to lean all the time... 
-timing tables are made for a more modern engine, which could mean potentially better designed, which could mean potentially with more advance (better design = less pinging potential).

I don't know how much you'd pay for your ecu, but it might be worth looking at aftermarket fully programable ECUs.  they'd work once tuned, and plenty of people have done it.  Megasquirt (supercheap, can work awesome), wolf, I think makes some, haltech does, and a few others.  

actually, with all the mods you're planning on making, especially with the new turbo and the injectors, one way or the other, if you want your car to work well, you'll need to put it on a dyno.   unless you have the ecu for free and it's easily reprogrammable, i'd just simply look for aftermarket.  ask your favorite local dyno shop for their favorites, and pick one. 

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